Blessed Are The Thieves

You ask me how I became a madman. It happened thus: One day, long before many gods were born, I woke from a deep sleep and found all my masks were stolen ” the seven masks I have fashioned and worn in seven lives ” I ran maskless through the crowded streets shouting, “Thieves, thieves, the cursed thieves.” Men and women laughed at me and some ran to their houses in fear of me. And when I reached the market place, a youth standing on a house-top cried, “He is a madman.” I looked up to behold him; the sun kissed my own naked face for the first time. For the first time the sun kissed my own naked face and my soul was inflamed with love for the sun, and I wanted my masks no more. And as if in a trance I cried, “Blessed, blessed are the thieves who stole my masks.” Thus I became a madman. And I have found both freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us. – Kahlil Gibran, Prelude to The  

Generative Rhythms

Here’s a brilliant three-minute video of Bobby McFerrin leading an audience experiment. Something profound occurs at the 45 second mark, and again around 2:00. We are ALL pre-wired with certain shared resonant qualities. Innate musical cognition is one of those qualities. While the universe may seem random at times, it is not.  Nothing on earth or beyond happens outside of a perfectly structured set of organic, natural rules. We all operate within those rules. Whether it be the pentatonic primacy of music to the soul, the centrality of love to the spirit, or the human tendency towards selfishness, pride, and narcissism ” certain universal truths are wired into our collective sentience.” If we are here for a reason, then finding, living, and growing within these generative shared rhythms, while learning to eschew naturally degenerative rhythms, seems like our shared mission. But by fear or thoughtlessness we often stop sharing. We dig ourself into a hole that differentiates ourselves from others (us and them, my tribe / your tribe, my religion, etc.). If we individually lived more in this place of shared mindfulness, those we call “enemies” might start to look strangely like family. “No matter where I’m at, every audience gets this” — Bobby McFerrin World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on  

Viral Epiphany

The Jill Taylor TED Talk I posted the other day has generated over 150 comments. And the number of daily comments seem to be increasing. Not bad for a personal journal that averages less than 2 comments per post 🙂 When Jill gave this talk at TED, I was floored. I knew we had all just experienced something profound and incredibly powerful. The conference vibe palpably changed after Jill’s talk. TED became more open, perhaps “safer.” People were touched at a deep place they clearly weren’t expecting to be touched. I cannot recall anything ever posted on the Internet that has drawn such a unanimous outpouring of emotion, joy, and spiritual release. We need more of these kinds of cathartic, epiphanal experiences in our lives – to remind us of our deep commonality. I want to blog more on epiphany and paradigm shifting change. For now, enjoy some of the reactions I’ve copied here from Jill’s talk. tears are running down my cheeks when I imagine the beautiful world your are describing. truly this information is a gift from God. i was so freaking impressed with you doctor. i was crying so good at the end. a wonderful proud feeling to be human. it was truly a blessing for us all (your stroke) Choking on tears. Thank you. beautiful, passionate and powerful sharing. What a powerful, dynamic presentation.. you made my heart skip a beat! Thank you so very much. I am deeply moved, and quite frankly in tears. U have a remarkable message. forever will I be grateful for this video of your experience…I laughed, cried, and felt so knowing and unknowing all at the same time. I am incredibly moved to be a part of this experience with Jill What a gift! You touched my soul. I have never heard anyone describe the “eternal self” and “collective conscious” with such humility, reverance and beauty. Amazing amazing amazing exactly what we humaoids need on planet earth right now. What a passionate presentation of an extraordinary experience. One word – beautiful. How rare is it that a presenter truly puts themself out there – bare and open for the whole world to see – this is what really moved me – you touched me deep. Wow, wow and WOW! What a blessing for consciousness!!! I could experience her nourishing and rich vastness and was just left in tears… Hmmmm! – Haleluiah! Magnificent, moving, inspiring… totally put me in touch with my spirit and soul. As a meditation teacher and hospice volunteer this has deepened my life. Thank you dear Jill. Absolutely inspiring speech! It touched me and has opened my eyes to the possibilities. This a remarkable, exciting account! Thank You for this incredible information. What a moving and telling story that reveals a truth so profound. This presentation was truly inspiring! I do believe we are one and we are one of all. This is an amazing experience that proves it. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Awesome, awesome, awesome! THANK YOU FOR THE MOST WONDERFULBLESSING. This is absolutely phenomenal, brilliant, brilliant presentation. You deeply touched my heart and soul and explained for me a series of events that I have experienced over a 10 year period. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to share your experience and helping me to understand my own “two worlds” experience. Fantastic, everyone should see this and be inspired to be a human BE-ing. brillant speach. thankyou. i hope to work with you one day. all love and congratulations – The light and love, Energy and vibration of this remarkable lady will shine for eternity. As a woman, mother, and teacher, Jill’s ephiphany makes me realize more than ever how far-reaching our actions are – there is NO LIMIT. AMAZING!! Your complex and invisible incidence was delivered with rare and exquisite language and emotion. Thank you from my heart of hearts for an awakening happening within my own consciousness. Thank you for giving me the words to understand my own being and responsibility better. You are a great teacher! This was an inspiring, brave, emotional, educational recount that I feel privileged to have watched. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this! It is brilliant, amazing, deeply moving! I wept with tears of joy. I must share with my loved ones! Marvelous, well presented. A touch of humor with an exsquisite story. I offer my deep respect for such an outstanding presentation. This is the most eloquent, heart-felt expose I have ever witnessed from a scientist. Inspiring! Truly brilliant!! Thank you! Jill, thank you so much – you have completely inspired me! Love to you and everyone else! What Jill is doing is phenomenal and inspiring. Thank you Ted Talks for bringing the world this extraordinary woman. And thank you Jill for your bravery… You’re words will stay with me