The Internet of Living Things

Some people I know have started a unique university just down the street from where we lived and worked in the 1980’s in Mountain View, California. Instead of a multi-year curriculum, the Singularity University condenses today’s most important leading edge technologies and futures research into a 10-week intensive that accepts no more than 80 students. The classes are taught (from 7AM to 11PM) by some of the world’s leading thinkers and do-ers in their respective disciplines.

  1. Futures Studies & Forecasting
  2. Policy, Law & Ethics
  3. Finance & Entrepreneurship
  4. Networks & Computing Systems
  5. Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
  6. Nanotechnology
  7. Medicine, Neuroscience & Human Enhancement
  8. AI & Robotics
  9. Energy & Ecological Systems
  10. Space & Physical Sciences

A few weeks ago at TED, the Singularity University threw a party where I met up with some of my friends, and met others involved with the new venture. The most memorable (and lengthy!) conversation I had that evening was with Singularity’s professor of synthetic biology, Andrew Hessel. I was impressed with both his formidable knowledge of genetics and bio-engineering, and his ability to see the merging of new bio-technologies from a futurist’s perspective. Andrew is clearly one of the planet’s leading thinkers on our bio-genetic future.

So I was pleased to stumble upon Andrew’s recent lecture at MOMO Amsterdam just a few weeks ago. The lecture is called The Internet of Living Things and in 45 minutes presents a bird’s eye view of today’s most important developments in bio-genetic engineering and futures research. I encourage you to watch it.

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