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My son (15) was given a writing assignment this week in his English class. His learning style really shines when a teacher is deeply interested in helping students excel. His teacher “Ms. G” is fully engaged and awesome. This week’s assignment is to write a one page poem called “I Am From” in which the student explores the influences that have molded them into who they are today. This gloating dad thinks Dan’s poem is a work of art, which is why I want to share it with you. Enjoy.

I am from

I am from a white house with a little black gate.

I am from a race associated with bigotry and hate.

I am from influences of a culture against which those of my race discriminate.

I am from a background of people who at the first sign of injustice become irate.

I am from my 8th grade science teacher who I cherished and now through death we commemorate.

I am from the motto don’t hate just evaluate then initiate the plan by which you dominate.

I am from witnessing crimes that the victims did absolutely nothing to instigate.

I am from the belief that nobody controls my life which means I don’t believe in fate.

I am from spirituality but not necessarily structured Christianity.

I am from a failing economy.

I am from autotune which is killing my musicality.

I am from a generation of Tupac and Jay-Z wanna-bes.

I am from a girl to whom I’ve given myself whole heartedly.

I am from wishing I could be like the Jabbawockeez.

I am from finally realizing all I want to be is me.

I am from not understanding women’s psychology.

I am from the influences of Kierkegaard, Rousseau, Pascal and Homer’s Odyssey

I am from somehow always failing to be all I can be.

I am from thankfully not having to deal with the struggle of living in the inner-city.

I am from a Family where education comes first.

I am from influences of Rap music within which I’ve become immersed.

I am from friends who got my back (I hope) when worst comes to worst.

I am from a family who wanted the best from me and even if I failed they never cursed.

I am from a life of privilege and then some.

I am from a life where we have never felt the need to sing we shall overcome.

I am from sweet little nothings like flowers, white clouds and bubble gum.

I am from those mysteries that overflow my inner consciousness and leave me numb.

I am from the belief that everyone is smart in their own way and that no one is truly dumb.

I am from the foolishness of the middle finger or biting thumbs.

I am from the wings of eagles which take me away from my problems in the form of dreams.

I am from the belief that almost nothing in life is as it seems.

I am from wishing that the people in this world were on the same team.

I am from the sweet sensation of whipped cream.

I am from spending everyday wishing someone was a little less mean.

I am from sadness at abortions and all the little lives that will never be seen.

I am from you and you are from me because thanks to Mrs. G in this class we help each other be who we want to be.

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