Just an update on our Safeplug invention.

So far this year, we have signed multiple OEM “rebranding” deals that will see the installation of Safeplug “Smart Energy” technology in a number of consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. These applications include electric vehicle charging stations, pay-per-use / point-of-sale receptacle stations, and residential + commercial construction and retrofit.

In 2009, Safeplug won the prestigious CES Innovation Award and was invited to unveil the technology at TED2009. Since then, Safeplug technologies have been listed in Scientific American’s “Top 10 Tech Toys” and Fast Company’s “10 Radical World Changing Ideas” – with more coming soon.

New Radical Julia Moulden writes in the Huffington Post,

“Imagine a world where every plug could talk to the Internet. Where your appliances, plugged into their outlets, suddenly became intelligent and could talk, so that you could monitor and optimize their activities and control them remotely. It’s not science fiction anymore… TALKINGplug, a new device powered by Zerofootprint [Safeplug technololgy] is now available. Already described by Fast Company as “better than the smart meter” and included on Scientific American’s Top 10 gadgets of 2009, TALKINGplug is revolutionary and will change the way we measure and manage our energy.”

From the Safeplug website,

The SafePlug 1202 Smart Energy outlet has a unique design.  It contains standard Demand Response features such as a Zigbee SE radio and Zigbee SE Metering cluster and Demand Response cluster functions.  However, it also includes a Fire and Shock Hazard monitor and a RightPlug address tag monitor.  The fire and shock hazard monitor continuously detects the top ignition causes including overloaded appliances, bad wire junctions in walls, series arcing, and open neutral conditions. The RightPlug tag ( reader enables the SafePlug 1202 SE outlet to ensure a successful Demand Response event by confirming the start and end of the DR event and participation by the appliance.

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