I’m particularly happy about a new product just announced at the 2010 San Francisco AES Conference (Audio Engineering Society). We call it the AD-596. It’s an 8-channel analog to digital converter of exceptionally high sonic performance. I’ve been using the AD-596 for critical listening tests in my lab and can confirm that it outperforms other well-known ADC designs at 2 or even 3 times its price point.

Besides setting a dramatic new sonic value point in professional audio conversion, the AD-596 is also the world’s smallest 8-channel ADC, requiring just a single ‘500’ rack space (5.25″ x 1.75″). Up to 80 channels of this ultra-transparent converter can now fit in a single 3U 19″ rack. It was also confirmed by API that our AD596 is the first known digital-audio product for the 500-style rack.

Some of the internal features include over-engineered AES transformers designed and built exclusively by Millennia, exceptional clocking circuitry of vanishingly low jitter performance in both internal and external modes, 90% efficient isolated switching power supply, ultra-quiet radiated and conducted performance for use with adjacent high-gain analog 500-rack preamplifiers, and premium components used throughout.

Video report here:

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