The MAE Foundation

Gathering up those things which shape our thoughts

We pack as though a journey to forever is stretching out ahead

Saints go naked

Prophets look back wistfully

Choking vapours drive life out of corners

And rivers graciously receive our poisons

Like trusting children

Patient figures stand and wait

Gazing down at rusting rails

To unknown places with no names

– Ralph Steadman 1997 (from Plague and the Moonflowers)

My talented friend Richard recently told me of a new philanthropic work to help Burmese genocide refugees (150,000+). The work employs music and musical instruments to enhance opportunity for creativity and hope into lives that survive on $20 per month. Richard has seen how music can positively change individuals and communities oppressed with struggle and little hope. Fittingly, the name of this new work is The MAE Foundation (Music Alters Everything). Richard’s vision includes the mobilization of the music industry (composers, producers, musicians, etc.) to become involved in this important work.

I browsed some YouTube videos on Burmese genocide to put in this post, but literally broke down after a couple minutes. The inhumanity is unspeakable. I encourage you to browse over to Richard’s site (in beta), and do what you can to help.

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