Audio Week

With all the excitement over the Martinville phonautograph discovery (which predates Edison’s first tin foil recording by 17 years), I was asked by the Long Now Foundation to write a little bit about the future of our audio heritage. The Millennia Foundation supports the Long Now Foundation’s institutional guidelines:

  • Serve the long view (and the long viewer)
  • Foster responsibility
  • Reward patience
  • Mind mythic depth
  • Ally with competition
  • Take no sides
  • Leverage longevity

If you’re interested in the future of media, take a few minutes to read this article.

One thought on “Audio Week

  1. Thank you John for sharing Kevin Kelly’s article on the World’s Largest Audio-Visual Archive.

    As a former and current audio enthusiast, it is good to know about David Packards gift of the National Audio-Video Conservation Center.

    And the institutional guidelines of the Long Now Foundation are attractive. It feels that they resonate with the meditation center I attend.

    Tonight in San Jose, California the CSE meditation center is hosting Wise and Wonderful Ways:
    An Evening About the Parliament of the World’s Religions With Rev. Dirk Ficca, Rev. Dr. Bill Lesher and Zabrina Santiago of the Parliament Council and local religious and civic leaders.

    This event is in anticipation of the next convening of the Parliament in December of 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

    Jane Christol

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