Happy 25th!!

Taking this public opportunity to congratulate my bride on surviving 25 wedded years with me. Happy 25th my angel! To celebrate the occasion, a local restaurant sat us right in the middle of their kitchen. No menu tonight. We just ate what the cook brought over: Quail risotto, ricotta gnocchi with truffles, and a lovingly handcrafted dessert. To another beautiful 25 years, my love.




Since it’s our 25th anniversary and everything, allow me share a little bit about what happened 25 years ago. Cynthia and I met in 1978 in Lake Tahoe, and were married there five years later. Many of our friends were dancers and musicians, so we invited them to dance and play at our ceremony and reception. I loved watching our guests’ expressions as our friends started dancing around the sanctuary. Good times.

Wedding photos on one’s 25th does not count as cat blogging, so enjoy.




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