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It’s one of my life’s profound joys to see something we call “spiritual” validated by scientific method. Over time, I think that many of the chasms separating science and religion will be bridged. Until then, it’s in our best interest that both disciplines maintain a respect for one another – realizing that the best practitioners in science and religion are both earnestly seeking truth, via different methods.

Joie Jones holds a PhD in Physics from Brown and was a professor of Radiology at UC (updated 28 Dec 2012). Joie is a contemporary example of consilience between scientific method and ancient religious ideas. Holding numerous patents in medical instrumentation and radiology, one of Joie’s prime areas of study is the ancient practice of “pranic healing” – which finds its roots in both Chinese and East Indian religion and medicine.

Joie has been researching pranic healing for twleve years and his results are nothing less than stunning. Moreover, his experimental results appear to be scientifically bulletproof and in process of peer review. A recent YouTube video documents Dr. Jones giving a summary lecture on his findings — nearly 900 separate experiments to-date. I urge you to spend a few minutes with Dr. Jones’ truly revolutionary work, revealing findings that, as he says, are “difficult to explain in terms of the standard scientific paradigm.”

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  1. John…this is so interesting. I wonder whether these folks (you, included) have had a chance to read James Oschman’s books: and

    Read some of the reviews at Amazon … this researcher has, indeed, unlocked much of the “black box” of energy medicine — I continue to be surprised that so little mention of his work is “out there” … on the other hand, I’m not really surprised at all.

  2. If peer review validates Joie’s experiments, we could be seeing “subtle energy” or “chi” – something Chinese and Indian medicine has practiced for millennia. Validation of his work will force the scientific/medical community to look further into areas which have been “off-limits.” Very positive.

    Most of the manifest energy which comprises our universe is not well understood. We have little to no clue on the fundamental nature of “dark matter” and “dark energy,” which together form 96% of all matter or mass (!). With this in mind, it seems probable that the scientific method will eventually detect other forms of subtle human and local energies, prompting new paradigms in both science and religion.

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  4. Joie Jones is not an MD, nor has he ever held any position at the NIH. He is retired from UCI. I doubt any of his PH research results could be proven in an independent lab, no matter who tried.

    • “I doubt any of his PH research results could be proven in an independent lab, no matter who tried.”

      Why do you say that?

      (Thanks for the bio update.)

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