2 thoughts on “Might Against Might

  1. So, “corporatism” is a real bogeyman, huh. This man is for the birds, literally. He sounds like a 1960’s throw-back, who should spend his entire life growing what he eats. Only then will he be free of the dreaded “corporatism.” Any man who relishes the demise of middle class wealth with advancing collectivism deserves to be deprived of the time necessary for self-actualization.

  2. Ted, interesting take. I’m interpreting Rushkoff a little differently. Not that corporations, per se, are bad or wrong. I happen to look after a number of them. But like Islamism is to Islam, so corporatism can present imbalanced / misplaced leverage and power. Greed is not always a welcome motivation. Unbridled capitalism can wreak global havoc (our current recession is a good example).

    In the same way that our great-grandparents fought for and received antitrust protections, I think we’re entering into an age where some of our inherited corporatist ideas are being thoughtfully reconsidered. And I think this is healthy. For an idea of how we strive to run our corps, see http://www.bcorporation.net. Nothing too radical here, but certainly not business as usual, either.

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