Jill Taylor’s TED Talk

This is an absolute must-watch. Set aside 18 minutes and prepare to be floored. Consensus among TED’sters is that this may be the most memorable and important TED Talk ever. It was certainly the most talked-about presentation among those at TED2008. Enjoy and share with others. And let Jill’s experience inspire, motivate, and change the way you look at life.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Very powerful. It makes me think of the beauty of a friend of mine who is autistic. His imagination and passion is exquisite. Amazing presentation.

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  3. I would be grateful for an email address or phone to reach Dr. Taylor.

    I am doing research on a revolutionary issue regarding music reproduction and the brain. I am well known in the audio world, and am currently Chief Audio Advisor to LG of Korea.

    Dr. Taylor might be extremely interested in and vitally helpful to this research issue.

    I am based in Switzerland and can be reached by email at marklevinson@earthlink.net.



  4. I AM an Avatar Master 🙂
    Please check this website.
    You have experienced it by having a stroke, the Avatar tools alow you to reach that level of awareness and experience.
    I’m amazed by your story, beautiful, I had tears in my eyes feeling and knowing what it feels like.

    Thank you
    Much Love and Gratitude


  6. Thank you Jill. Tears are running down my cheaks when I imagine the beautiful world your are describing. What a great speach!

  7. Listening to Jill, my mind and heart opens to her experience and her message. As a craniosacral practitioner and instructor for the last 25 years, my life is dedicated to support integrative experiences of right and left hemisphere. Jill’s talk is inspiring and touching. We will play it in our trainings and use is as an educational tool. Thank you.

  8. Almost thirty years I had a stroke to my left brain leaving me deeply impaired. Through my insistent struggle to regain speech and visibility in my world, I also journeyed into shamanic and mystical experience to rest and to shut out the overwhelming chatter of my constantly practicing verbal brain.

    Thank you Dr. Jill for articulating so magnificently your experience. It helps me stay to true to my own.

  9. I can’t beleive what I heard truly this information is a gift from God.My fiance had a stroke almost three years ago.He is now doing well with his physical theraphy and my pushing,and motivation,and of course best of all the Zrii drink is awesome.It truly works I have never seen anything like it in my life and I am 54 and seen and heard many things.I want to Thank the person/persons who discovered this miraculous chance to live and enjoy life again.My fiance is ever so grateful for me listining to my nephew and signing up to be a Zrii Consultant.We Love You “nephew”and Bless You for giving a man back his Life.

  10. i was so freaking impressed with you doctor.
    i was crying so good at the end.
    a wonderful proud feeling to be human.
    it was truly a blessing for us all (your stroke)
    this is what my brother Izzy does for Autistic kids. (he has a autistic son as well.)
    we surf with these kids and they really respond.
    we all help, Izzy has 7 brothers including me who all surf.
    schizophrenic and bi-polar kids really benefit from surfing too.
    thank you again if you feel you could benifite from surfing in any way please let me know,
    force bless us all…
    ps i will put this on your web page too
    pss. Lg is a great company i would call Mark L.

  11. Until the moment of death and for 28 years I took care of my father who had brain damage due to lack of oxygen (more than 15 min.) from a heart attack then stroke. He barely then rarely spoke. No one studied him with the exception of me. It was apparent that he understood words, but I often wondered what he was processing in terms of life. Your speech shed light on what may have been gifted to him at the end of his place on earth. (or maybe all along for all we know) He ended up with several blood clots cutting off major organs. I used my precious essential oils on him. at least one of which crosses the blood brain barrier and many that relieved his daily suffering. Such change….picked up a fork and fed himself, recognized family members he hadn’t seem to know for years, responded more coherently. The experience was such a privilege, I am giving back by writing a book about us. Choking on tears. Thank you. Sharon L.

  12. Thank you. What you thought was your last moment was what I wished for my parents in their last moments of life as I knew them. In listening to you I felt that this definitely could have been.
    Also thank you for coming back to share your experience in order to bring us all closer to peace.

    Love, Marie-Ange.

  13. Brilliant sharing of an experience and understanding that explains meditation, prayer, sacred space, maybe autism, quantum physics…spirituality..

    Thank you for your precious pixel in this divine maze and description of your experience of Nirvana

  14. I had a traumatic brain injury with almost the same results as you describe. It has occurred to me that doctors don’t really understand what happened to me and that it would be educational for them and the people that they help if I could talk to groups of doctors about it. But I kept thinking that I should just get over this…not dwell on it. I had that same “ok, I’ll do this for a few weeks and then I have to get back to life” as well…funny. Humor has taken me a long way. I am still assimilating what happened, recovering, and rehabing. It has been 10 years. I see from your video, that talking about it might actually be a good thing…that it can make a difference in other’s lives…that it is not just “dwelling” on myself. Thank you.

  15. I enjoyed this immensely. In 1991, I had a transcendent experience. It changed my life completely. It never leaves my consciousness, it is as if my spirit has been magnatized to always look toward Spirit. I did not talk about the experience for nearly 10 years. I did not get a good response from many when I did. I am now writing a book which will (if ever published) give people a different understanding of reality. Dr. Taylor with her credentials will make it easier for us who have had alternative consciousness to be accepted. I believe that the human race is consciously evolving and more and more will have these experiences and the world will be entirely different in 2000 generations.

  16. Thank-you so much for your insight and powerful sharing. I have been hypnotizing people for years (professionally). What you are describing sounds like the “superconscious” state so many have reached through hypnosis. I am fascinated to find that this state is probably the quieting of the left hemisphere and the complete emergence of the right. I am re-inspired to continue my work. Heart-felt thanks to you for your work in the world. Debi

  17. My son is diagnosed with autism. I see spectrum traits in myself and my husband. Not only is your insight remarkable for your stated mission, but it is an amazing insight into why and how the communication between the two spheres of the brain is such a dynamic phenomena. This insight also underscores my deepening impression, that the spectrum is far wider than anyone every imagined. I wonder if the autistic spectrum is really just a narrow range of the full spectrum.

  18. The way to choose this right brain experience is what Buddhist masters have been teaching for many hundreds of years…that would be one path to get there…thank you Dr. Taylor for sharing your story.

  19. Jill, thanks for your beautiful, passionate and powerful sharing. I have experienced much of what you describe and I have been able to cross the hemispheres from moment to moment using two very potent, yet clearly separate approaches: for my spiritual concerns, Yoga, and for my everyday practical challenges as a scientist and community activist, the technology of Landmark Education. Your experience and willingness to share widely what you gained by it will move humanity forward with velocity! With love and gratitude, Jean 🙂

  20. Your message is so consistent with the spiritual movement of the day. Have you had any exposure to Eckhart Tolle and his books? “The Power of Now”, or “The New Earth”…It seems worth integrating what you’ve said here with his message that is being broadcast all over the world at the moment by Oprah. Please chime in- it would be such an interesting addition for those who are following his teachings of the two minds within. Thank you for sharing your story!

  21. What a powerful, dynamic presentation My lovely mother suffered a stroke at age 54, over 30 years ago was in a coma for 2 yesrs before she left the planet. and I know she had an awareness of something beautiful.. I could feel her energy although she never woke from the coma..the Dr’s said she was not aware of anything..but I knew she had something going on on some level …Thank you for your passion , your story and for declaring our Oneness..you made my heart skip a beat !


  22. As any message of this nature from any source, has its own energy and carries itself into the world. It has already today gone far and wide.
    It used Jill’s voice to manifest, but isn’t it the voice of the Divine?

  23. Jill. Our experiences are our teachers. Yours is probing and mind opening. I followed exactly what you were describing. I am an artist, having grown up in a violent, dysfunctional home. Having finally come to terms with this and let it go, I now find comfort in who I am. There is an inner self that is flowing out, and healing. And I find the powerful need to help others heal too. Somehow my painting and reaching out are connected. You helped me more clearly see the connection. Thank you so very much. I am deeply moved, and quite frankly in tears. U have a remarkable message. Jack Dickerson

  24. Thank you for this… The realisation of ones own being is the way. In the end we can be thankful for whatever happens to us because it can take a brain disease or a guru (within or without) to realise the oneness; there is no choice for there is no choicemaker. Once again, thank you for sharing. Love, wim

  25. Hello Jill
    I saw your speech on TED.
    All my life I wanted to give to people an experience on being in the right brain time-space
    Here it is. and I will being happy to send you a copy… let me know if you have time to experience this 30mn.
    MAHALO Nui Loa

    See the trailer 2minutes …. of the DVD

  26. Jill, forever will I be grateful for this video of your experience…I laughed, cried, and felt so knowing and unknowing all at the same time. I spent many years caring for a son with so many brain issues, if for one moment, I thought he had experienced anything like the perfect moments you had, I would feel blessed. The brain, what a tricky contraption….It has such power and we know so little of its uses….Thank You Jill…….Goddess Bless!!

  27. Very powerful, very interesting. It was intriguing watching her trying to describe nirvana.

    Jill did a awesome job of it, however I could see on her face that she wanted to relay more information but the English language doesn’t support that. So she used a lot of emotional information, which helps a lot.

    No matter what words or emotions she chooses, she knows they fall completely short of the experience, I think she feels somewhat frustrated trying to describe it, knowing she is not giving it justification, or its full glory.

    Very gutsy.. her world and the medical community could turn their backs on her, saying she’s crazy. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. She has made the decision, this is what happened to me, and whether you like or not it doesn’t matter,

    It sounds like she wants to harness nirvana medically, very interesting.

    Would it be good or bad if we could take a pill, that shut off our left brain and sent us nirvana ???
    Wouldn’t that be the ultimate designer drug.. Only to be banned by the FDA.

  28. What Dr. Taylor is telling us about the right hemisphere and experience is worth sharing. We all benefit from her experience, study and understanding. But grasping at Nirvana is still grasping, and grasping leads to suffering/struggle. As humans we can embrace all of our experience. Wholistically we would accept both sides; understand both functions; and put them to their appropriate task. The point is not to try to Stop Thinking. The point is to stop making such a big deal about our thoughts. Thats what creates space for the right hemisphere. — nonattachmnet.

  29. Hi Steve G & Mary E:

    Good thoughts. Steve, yes, I’m convinced that it won’t be long before we have drugs and/or implantable devices that can trigger this kind of deep right brain experience. Mary, there’s a fundamental paradox in non-attachment. Shakespeare wrestled with it (being vs. non-being) and it seems to be the common theme behind all religious dualities. Thoughts carry ontological weighting. We can’t disassociate ourselves from that reality.

    The bigger question is: “so what?” The test of any experience (as I see it) is its ability to change us for the better. Does the experience leave us with greater empathy for others? Will it bring us more compassion and care for the hurting, sick, and marginalized? Does the experience give us greater sensitivity, that we might “love our neighbor as our self” or perhaps bring a deeper understanding of those we had previously considered our enemies?

    Jill’s talk is yet another confirmation that our lives are ultimately not about what we can get, but what we can give. Yet we can’t give what we haven’t first received. So together let’s take, eat, and learn of real freedom.

  30. Jill, thank you for sharing an experience we are all capable of and your interpretation of it. The defining attribute in your talk is the noticeable lack of fear in your descriptions of the experience. Fear is the only thing that stops things…….it is a low and dense frequency. Heavy.
    In the physical world around us, everything is comprised of energy or frequencies. Even thought. It seems that one of the highest, finest frequencies that we are aware of, in this form, is love.
    You were able to transcend the limited receptors of
    your senses and experience reality from a perspective uninhibited by those limitations.
    If we can stop the “monkey-mind” or the “commitee” in our heads that has a constant stream of chatter going at all times, we began to hear and experience the ‘oneness’ you spoke about.
    If we could see on a molecular level we would see ourselves as energetic signatures in a sea of molecules…….no ‘solid’ matter, no space…..all connected and part of all…..like swirls and eddies in
    a river.
    The experience you described shows how connected we are to each other and, as you said,
    how big we are.
    What we label as “Love” brings us into tune with that connection and it is an overwhelming experience unless we let go of our previous terms and definitions that we use to define the world around us.
    Thank you for speaking about this experience to us all, Chris.

  31. I am incredibly moved to be a part of this experience with Jill…it also explains so much of my own personal experiences and those of the students i teach…much love and blessings… thank you Jill …colleen clark

  32. Jill, many thanks for describing your stroke experience so clearly. I recently had a stroke, Jan. 11, 2008. I was in a state of unrealization of what my body was experiencing. I was confused and tried very haed to just do the things I was going to do that day. Once I realized something was very wrong (I fell down in my driveway and sruggled to get up) I tried to drive myself to the hospital. Fortunately called my wife and she told me to call 911 and get help. i am recovering nicely, but I am struggling with the exhaustion of just doing everyday tasks,walking,talkong, getting out of bed, reading, paying attention for long periods of time, etc. I believe that stress was a huge contributor to my stroke and am doing everything possible to alleviate the stress in my lfe as realistically as possible.
    I also have a neurolgically damaged daughter and now seem to have more compassion for her.
    I belong to a 12 step fellowship which is all about spiritual principles. Thank G-d for that because it is wher I get my strength on many days.
    I am so grateful to have haeard your talk.
    Please stay well and “right sided”!!

    Sandy Burwick

  33. Thank you for sharing this painful yet extraordinary experience. It’s miraculous that you survived the hemorage and fully recovered to be able so accurately share this incredible experience. Your descriptions and insight of right and left hemisphere information processing are fascinating and particularly of interest to visual artists like myself who experience that nirvana you describe when totally aborbed in drawing and painting. Again, thank you for so beautifully sharing your knowledge and experience.

  34. Jill, what a wonderful gift for you to share this experience with us. The oneness of you comes through loud and clear and serves as a reminder to all of us that we are so connected. You took us on your journey so we could see. Your message is so simple and yet so complex. Thank you so much for sharing, especially after all the years of recovering. What a gift! You touched my soul.

  35. Thank you Jill for the powerful message you’ve shared. From the left side of my brain: I think we need a way to get more people into the space of understanding that they have control over their reality – that their brain, body and all the energy surrounding them can be put to greater use. From the right side of my brain: how moving.

    Experiencing what you had to say, I feel that the key concept is integration. How can these two interrelated pieces of my existence synergistically created ideal outcomes? Thank you for spurring this consideration.

  36. Jill, it is a joy for others who have experienced some of the trauma you describe yet the overwhelming ability to let go to the level of peace and harmony in your mind and soul. Many years ago I was wrongly diagnosed and given drugs and shock therapy. The results were that the synapse in my brain were hence disconnected and I have from time to time no recall of events to this day. I have a lot of difficulty at times with words, names and events and sometimes with thoughts that can escape and I cannot remember what I was talking about. I was diagnosed schizophrenic but I knew otherwise. I was hearing a great mind talk to me. I have some great gifts from this experience and have been able to disconnect at will but this took many years of forgiving a past so painful and a present that required divine love on a daily basis. I am mortal but my desire for the enlightenment that has followed me is now my best guide for staying sane in a world of sadistic plots and thoughts of wars. I relish all the great work that you have put into this Jill and I know that you are much stronger yet more vulnerable than the experience itself. I feel your great spirit and I am in awe for your compassion to share your findings in a way that is as close to divine as we can get here on this planet. You have invoked a pathway for people to open to be the “oneness” in all they do and not separate in any way from the whole of totality. Your insight is a gift and you have opened the greatest door for many peoples. May we all choose this divine spark within our passions to understand that we are all continuing in the spiral of life even into death the maker of peace within. The gift of peace knows no fear or limitation. Keep the iron hot , Jill. Keep the passion alive and the abundance of knowing the truth in the choirs of cosmos personified. You personify the passion we all strive to receive..
    Gratefully one, in a tide of moving sand.

  37. “We are tied together in a single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.” MARTIN LUTHER KING
    Dear Ms. Taylor, Your discovery is so beautiful, and so passionate, and comes at a moment in history when the connection of “All” must be made to the “I” individual, or the garment of destiny that is so torn, will be in total shreds. I am a jazz singer in NYC, and a vocal production coach that works with the speaking voice. I work with very physical exercises that affect the brain (whole body, and breath explorations) that are processes to connect sound vibration (string theory connect) to language and song. Much gratitude to you for what you are storying/sharing and “singing” in the world. – Katie Bull

  38. Dear Jill,
    Your message touched me deeply and as you stated “it was worth sharing”.
    Thank you very much for sharing your true nature with the world so I could hear it and acknowledge the same.
    Although just about all the areas of my life are in flux and uncertainty, I have recently actualized that my true self is too precious to not be.
    Light and Love is the only true life!
    God Bless You!

  39. In 1996, I suffered a serious closed-head injury while working with extremely violent/self-injurious adult MR/autistic clients in Central Massachusetts. I, too, lost significant chunks of long and short term memory, my affect was hugely shifted – in many ways, permanently, and I endured a stretch of physical pain (exacerbated by 11 lumbar punctures in a single night) unlike anything I’d ever felt. I now teach 7th grade English in North Carolina and have reintegrated myself enough to be very effective and empathic in the classroom. It’s was great, new beginning.

  40. Tears ran down my face at the beauty of Jills speech. The beauty of knowing she had the experience of separating from the egoic mind and the contracted state that we live in every day. I have never heard anyone describe the “eternal self” and “collective conscious” with such humility, reverance and beauty. Thank you so much for your contribution to “the field”.

  41. YES,YES,YES! this is the reality, this is our birthright and we have every moment the choice to be free!
    we can deceide every moment where we direct our consciousness. we are not made to crawl, we are made to fly into the depth of vastness, freedom and joy.
    thank you so much for your courage to share this truth. much love+bliss

  42. Thank you for explaining in such an eloquent way the difference between ‘I am’ and being part of ‘all that is’ and how we can choose our reality. Yes, this is certainly worth spreading.

  43. I didn’t need to hear another person tell me how much better right-brainers are. We don’t choose which half of our brain dominates and we can’t control it. We’re just born that way. Why not just tell us how much better it is to choose to be tall or beautiful.

  44. I was thrilled to listen to you.It confirmed my thinking of each & everyone of us being one part of the whole multiverse. I am so happy that you have recovered from your stroke to tell of your experience, & I am even more happy by your audience’s reaction.
    God Bless you!
    Love & Light

  45. What a true blessing to open this on Easter Sunday..As soon as i started listening to your speech my crown chakra was buzzing and my hands were vibtating,i knew then and there how powerful your words were going to be..By the end of your speech im embracing joyful tears..Thankyou so much..Keep on glowing..Peace be with us all,Carrie Ann

  46. Listening carefully to this presentation, it is clear that whole brain is what is so beautifully and truthfully presented — not half-brain. Throughout the presentation, both sides are represented. Half brained — one is either in LaLa Land or easily redirected down myriad busy paths serving all sorts of things. Skills from both sides are needed always, integrated together. (I taught this subject area in educator forums while developing C.A.I.)

    Such whole brain connection with the real energies awareness do not require drugs — then or today. Ancient traditions of some different peoples understood and practiced this and did not have the same bombardments pushing additive substances while denying natural openers. Escape from reality is what mass modern culture with stimulations & damaging addictive substances advertised & sold everyday through most major institutions promotes while simultaneously condemning such in other forms. As individuals we can choose to reclaim our mental and physical health.

    The real world is very alive (and is often not populated with taught mothers and father serrogates although building relationship with other beings can help one sometimes). As we lose this need to have everything parenting us or our mastering (to dominate) it, we also experience the aliveness of other beings, creatures, things around us including the earth itself.

    Instead one learns to stand as the Dr. indicated and become ones own self (not ego projection, but the real energy being). Sometimes it takes a stroke to learn this; sometimes another mind opener; always it takes the desire to explore and learn unfettered.

    This resonated as 100% truth — told honestly, brilliantly, naturally as is true of a wise and wonderful person restored to her health.

    Congratulations on the work of a beautiful recoveryand, even more, for standing tall enough to make this available to more of us ! Best wishes for many more communications in our sparkling future.

  47. “all that is” she’s been reading new age literature … btw, the right side of the brain, would it vote for obama?

  48. Hi, Thank you for saring your experience.

    In your summary you mentioned that we could ‘choose’ to be in our right hemisphere and be free or left and be restricted.

    But you were not aware of your feedom until you had your stroke. So, how would one access this ‘nirvana’ without the incident of a stroke.

    I too, believe in a force connecting us all, that is unlimitied, but I guess I speak for a lot of people when I ask this question. It seems that you were exposed to the spirit unnaturally, and I wonder if we are meant to experience the spirit or if we are meant to do our thing in a limited body, so that when we die, we can then fully experience the awesomeness of the spirit due to the extreme contrast from the limited human body. Just thoughts. Thank you again.

  49. Most thankful for sharing this experience with me about a brain failure and its effects; even more grateful that that the sufferer gained full recovery, was able to relate the various stages of events both clearly and concisely, and overwhelmed by the simplicity of a most complex subject presented by a well educated rebuilt mind: a precious abstract being in and of itself. The thoughts expressed are and shall be cherished.

  50. Many thanks to all who shared…Am glad for those who had brain strokes, or injuries and came through, and are able to live a good life again…

    While I have experienced what is sometimes called ‘nirvana’, or ‘ego-death’…I think one must be careful about using the language about ‘choosing’ to have these experiences…I personally didn’t feel I chose to have them…Luckily, they came of their own accord, and now that I wish to have them…’They’ have been shy of doing so…

    Having said that though…I do think we can encourage ourselves to become more open to the possibilities of these types of experiences…

    It seems those who ‘choose’ to have these experiences…Often do so through taking mushrooms, Lsd, and other ‘mind altering’ substances…(which is fine with me)…

  51. > So, how would one access this ‘nirvana’ without the incident of a stroke.

    The various spiritual practices such as yoga. Psychedelic drugs work too but tend to make a mess and are bad for your health.

  52. I, too wept. Not with sadness, but with the beauty of it all. You are to be admired for coming forward with your story. I’m sure it has and will open many eyes that need opening to what we are, and what we can be. Thank you. In Love and Light. Blessings to you always.

  53. As we as a race begin to merge the left and
    right sides of our brain once again, it is
    important to, as much as possible, take the fear out of the process.
    Beautifully done.

  54. This is a very inspiring and heart-felt story, almost made me weep. It is amazing how stubborn humans can be – even when having a stroke we tend to keep on truckin’ and never slow down to pay attention to what is most crucial.

    I am happy that you made it back to share your story and message of peace.


  55. Rather than seeing the right and left brain hemispheres as oppositional, why not see ourselves as purposefully evolving within a universal scheme wherein both hemispheres are finally blended in perfect union (Homo sapiens near but not yet finished).

    Thus, both hemispheres are equally important, so that finally we can exist in a form where we are aware of our existence and yet able to expand our awareness at will to include every part, every member of Creation–what the Hopi and other indigenous peoeples refer to as the perfected katsinam of the Fifth World.

    Then, John, your apparent ontological dilemma is resolved (or at least supplanted): rather than seeking to escape individuality unto oneness, we exist within a universal plan to finally become perfected in both mind and body within dualistic Creation. Outside of Creation such personal/total awareness is not possible. So let us not devalue Creation seeking to mystically transcend it; but rather appreciate its (and our) existence within it!!!

  56. To complete my post, let me join all the others who have thanked Jill for sharing her experience and message with the world. A message that reminds us that we are more than just material/physical beings; that we are part of one family, most immediately upon our Mother Earth who holds us within Her womb as we journey onward together.

    Not only can we step to the right of our left hemispheres, but also to the left of our rights, so that both can be melded. To those who ask how they can reach Jill’s unifying experience without having a stroke: may I suggest that we are all already upon that journey, where we have the opportunity, through our daily choices, to purify ourselves, naturally opening inner doorways to higher awareness; and that Nature is carrying all of us toward an end where body and mind reach a completed form– what psychiatrist Carl Jung referred to as Homo maximus (greatest man), and the Q’ero-Incan people call Homo luminous.

    To become all that we can be is to use every day, each experience, to give unselfishly and lovingly back to our Earth for all we receive from Her, beginning within our immediate circles outward to the world as a whole. We can begin now to realize Jill’s message. If only we will.

  57. RJCohen:

    Great thoughts. We indeed are all part of one family. Most of that family exists primarily in Jill’s “I AM” reality, which tends to emphasize our separateness.

    There’s a vector here – a continuum – which points us forward in the direction of the right hemisphere, while seeking ever deeper balance in the inescapable dualism of creation.

    Our global family seems to be facing two archetypal understandings of “the other” — the story we pick may define our destiny.

    Understanding #1: Those who aren’t against us are for us.

    Understanding #2: Those who aren’t for us are against us.

  58. I can identify with Dr. Taylor, too. Eight years ago I had a head injury that resulted in brain damage. It has been gift of spirituality and awareness to my life. Thank you Dr. Taylor for describing so well what it is like to experience brain trauma and its recovery. Blessings to you!

  59. I AM that I AM. Jill, could it be that I AM as you experienced it – the separation of the individual, (Left Brain) and the other I AM as the Oneness of the the Right Brain experience, and the ‘that’ represents the Corpus Collossum. (as given by God to Moses . . I AM that I AM) so that these seemingly unfathomable words that God gave Moses would the represent ‘I am in God, and God is in me” that ultimaately there is no spearation, which is exactly what your experience was – no separation, all energy flows. In our Qigong practice we begin by saying ‘I am in the Universe ( or God, the Universal Creative, Loving Energy) and the Universe is in my body, The Universe and I combine together”. – (Dr. Chunyi Lin ) In the practice of Qigong that is the the intention – to create that experience. Like you, I had a stroke, and it was the practice of Qigong that finally healed the difficult ‘symptoms’ . I have been practicing Qigong ever since, going from strength to strength, and from health to healthier! While retaining the memory and also more frequent experiences of that Oneness. That “I AM that I AM”. Thank you. Hilary

  60. Thank you Jill for your courage and inspired delivery of this crucial information. You are making a difference in our world. God bless you and trust that I will share your message with many folks.

  61. My brother John,

    The need for movement toward the right brain in our modern world is evident, following our materialistic directions; but I suggest to you that the middle ground, the center of the continuum, the balance, is the end– the blending of right and left sides as one within creation.

    The movement of Nature trumps all philosophies. Although this may seem mysterious for now, the choices which will determine our destinies will be simple: those who cling tightly to our Mother Earth, and those who abandon Her. These choices will arrive soon, unexpectedly.

    Our internal, spiritual development is important; but there are times when Nature intervenes whether we are ready or not, no matter what our beliefs may be. We have entered such a time again. Jill’s experience reminds us of our potentials. That potential will be realized in the near future for all who hold fast to our mother world. Land (our Earth) IS Life. We belong to the Earth in a deep and holy way.

  62. I’m a holisitc vocal empowerment coach who’s been trying to teach these things to my singers! Singing as a soul expression is freed up in the right brain, but the left-brained perfectionist in each of us creates blocks which stifle the freedom of the soul! I LOVE THIS!

  63. What a wonderful woman, awed by discovering she is even more wonderful than she had imagined! My mother and her mother both died from strokes, and it sometimes frightens me to look ahead. I have never been able to meditate, although I have tried for 40 years. I shall now, thanks to Jill, try and relax my left brain worries knowing that some day I shall personally experience the All That Is. The most important part of her message to me was that individual consciousness probably does survive physical death.

  64. I was very disappointed. When I clicked, to play it, it just kept telling me it was loading it never did complete that phase. I hope someone can fix this I would like to see this video.

    Thank you in advance.

  65. I watched your message/life one day after attending a workshop with Richard Rohr, OFM, on Dualism and the Contemplative Life. I urge those who appreciated your message to go to his website or go hear him speak. It takes those of us who have not had your experience to a place where we can still benefit from its message. We CAN internalize the call to a life of inner peace and begin the journey of projecting this peace in ever so small ways to the larger world. Thank you thank you. His website is: http://www.cacradicalgrace.org

  66. My son suffers from psychizo-affective order. He often says “that no one else understands”…now I understand what he sees and that he has experienced the “oneness” first hand. Thank you for sharing Jill. Let’s hope that your experience will help many others like my son.
    In love and service, Anne

  67. Interesting and Inspirational

    But I think you missed the point. At the end you offered us a choice either/or left or right. the true goal is ONE BRAIN – ONE MIND – ONE HEART. it is a state of ‘unified individuality’ that we humans must attempt to embrace for a full understanding of life.
    Like Jill kept pointing out – she could not function without the Left hemisphere. It is true it currently dominates globally but by building the bidge between duality we can all experince the Grace of “I as All” and “All as I”

    Thank you Jill

  68. Thank you so much for this eloquent presentation. I hope to use this example as a teaching tool for my work with brain integration and mindfullness. Further, as an Emergency worker, it gives tremendous insight and voice to what we clinically observe in the field. We are one with the universe. Peace and harmony to all.

  69. How rare is it that a presenter truly puts themself out there – bare and open for the whole world to see – this is what really moved me –

    You touched me deep

  70. Wow, wow and WOW!

    What a blessing for consciousness!!! I could experience her nourishing and rich vastness and was just left in tears…

    Hmmmm! – Haleluiah!

  71. Indeed, it has enlighten me..Such a powerful speech and thank you for making me realise that we can change the world to a better place.. And it is our choice to make it happen..May Peace Be With You..

  72. You do not know what you have done for me this morning… I am writing a book about this.. and your testimony is just what I needed to get movin… I have followed the teachings of ‘Abraham-Hicks’ and could not figure how I could explain how ‘there is no death’ I come to knows this and am having more heightened awareness experiences lately… my work reflects this.. You are right on the money right on and I am so full of appreciation for you and your ability to convey perfectly ‘I am an energy Beings…connected to one another..as one human family,… in this moment we are perfect ..whole and beautiful…xoxoxoxox

  73. Thank you Jill,
    My understanding of who I really am and can become has been expanded. May God continue to richly Bless You.
    Linda Wood LMT

  74. This a remarkable, exciting account! I only have access to dial-up and it’s taken me 5 hours to upload the complete video so I could listen to it. Is this account available in transcript form? I have people I’d like to share it with who don’t have access to the internet. Thank You for this incredible information.

  75. Jill,
    What a moving and telling story that reveals a truth so profound, that is- we are all connected, we have a choice, and life is a gift.
    Thank you for sharing-artygal

  76. This I will share with my medetation classmates at Sacramento State university of California where I am a member of the Renaissance Society and they will love it as I do.
    LOVE Michael Laughlin

  77. This presentation was truly inspiring! DR Taylor is truly courageous is her recovery but even more so with sharing her story. It has reached me in Australia and for that I am truly grateful. I do believe we are one and we are one of all. This is an amazing experience that proves it. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  78. This is absolutely phenomenal, brilliant, brilliant presentation. Jill, thank you so much for spreading the word. Some years ago, I was having a treatment done and my body wasn’t responding to it, quite opposite, what should make me calm was irritating me. In a short while I was hooked up to a machine doing all kinds of different things and was told my right brain hemisphere was very dominant. After that the treatment was reversed and my body was responding to it. This presentation is the most graphic explanation I came across. It took me years to stop saying WE and learn to use I, but after all it’s all WE, isn’t it? Again thank you soooo much….. Love and peace …. Tamara

  79. Thank you Angel Jill. Being human raises so many questions. You have given me information that has comforted me, and made me happy to be in this universe. I am so grateful that you were able to recount your experience for all of us. It was stellar.

  80. Dear Jill,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Perfect peace and loving-kindness is at the heart of every being as you have discovered and communicated with such passion. We today are lucky to be living in a time when there are more paths available than ever before–religious and non-religious–to discover this basic fact of human existence.

    Over 2,000 years ago in India, one of these paths was introduced in the prajnaparamita (= the perfection of wisdom) literature of the early Mahayana Buddhists. It is summarized by the Heart Sutra and it’s mantra:

    Om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhisvaha….

    Whatever your path, whoever you are, may this perfection of wisdom, this supreme consciousness be yours.


  81. You deeply touched my heart and soul and explained for me a series of events that I have experienced over a 10 year period. Out of the blue I would collapse in a heap (usually in the bathroom) and enter another world completely., but would have great difficulty recalling what happened to me after the event. All I knew is that I had gone somewhere remarkable and wonderful. Over the 10 year period the experiences became less intense and over the past four years I found found a way to integrate these two worlds of consciousness. Four years ago I discovered Donny Epstein’s network care work – and as a result of his work – I have been integrate my inner world, in a remarkable structured way. As a result I can now enter both worlds and remain whole and no longer feel that I am losing the plot. I have never shared this before (because I didn’t know how to explain it)! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to share your experience and helping me to understand my own “two worlds” experience.

  82. Your experience was so different from mine but so emphasizes to me every point you were making. I had a stroke in December 2007 and it was on the right side . I was so agonizingly aware of every detail that I had to correct my wife as she gave an incorrect birthdate and ss# to the emts. I was the one who realized I was having a stroke and requested someone at the dinner table call 911. I never had the peace of being released from the left side of my brain. My left brain just kept firing questions such as how can this be happening to me. Why have I exercised almost every day of my life? I have perfect blood pressure and cholesterol and never smoked. How can this be ? I hadn’t been in a hospital since I was four when I had my tonsils removed. I never took recreational drugs- the neurologist found this hard to believe but every test confirmed my statements. If only I had experienced the release of the left brain perhaps I would be left with less fear and loss. My health was always a sure thing and now…? So as others have asked- how does one live in the presence of the right-the present and muffle the sounds of the left. I’m looking for a more peaceful road and have been since I was a teen. I have to ask why this has proven to be so elusive.

  83. The right hemisphere says “WOW” and the left says “Therefore I am… so settle down right hemisphere and deal with the physical world in the sequence of your life as a mortal… and I’ll try and remember where I came from.”


    Euphoria is a powerful thing. It can be addictive no?

    I can remember the Euphoria prior to being born. I scared the b-jebus out of my mom describing my birth and that Euphoria prior to it. Knowing language and yet not yet knowing how to make my mouth mechanically work to the language of my spirit.

    I kept waiting for her to get to the point where she explained how this was going to help her brother but I got the distinct impression that she got insight into that and especially bipolar dissorder [not to mention born again techniques of short circuiting the right hemisphere in order to make people speak in tongues and believe they’re newly minted pods for Gee-buzz]. Insight is vauable as well as frightening sometimes.

  84. the comments posted here are filled with stories as amazing as Dr. Taylor’s story is. i am fascinated to look into the world of brain-sidedness and spiritual epiphany.
    to the posters who have been reticent to share their truly unique experiences in the past, it’s heartening to hear that you have found solace in Dr. Taylor’s incredible re-telling. i encourage you to share your stories with others. we care very much. thank you Dr. Taylor.

  85. i am a mother of two aged 49 who had a stroke two and a half months ago….on facebook under charlotte faber marais. in album, you can see my left handed drawings done from after my stroke…please feel free to comtact me if you want more imformation or copies. this is one way i felt i could use my artistic talent to illustrate my experience and show the doctors how i felt.jill when you said it took you eight years to recover it put me into reality shock. brillant speach. thankyou. i hope to work with you one day. all love and congratulations –

  86. wow and wow again…
    When I hear, view such a human being capable of relating her connection with what I call the divine in us, I feel awe and grace running through me.
    I am grateful she had the courage to not letting go so she could share this with the planet down the road for I am sure she will be a memorable influence to help us get to the critical mass of awakening.
    Thank you Jill and thank you TED
    Pauline Houle
    Psychotherapist – Author on PMS and the Subconscious

  87. I believe We come across just what we are meant to witness, just at the time we are able to feel the depth of its message, its meaning, its a knowing and its a TRUTH.

    My Soul and Spirit was and still is moved to have had the opportunity to hear and see Jill.

    The light and love, Energy and vibration of this remarkable lady will shine for eternity.

    Thank you,
    Nita Taylor t/a “Energy to You”.

  88. Thank you Jill for sharing. A frend has a grandson with autism it helps me undrestand what might be going on with him. Very powerful, awesome gift you have to share with us. Your experience will help get anyone though a stroke or any type of rehab. Agin thank for sharing.

  89. According to “A Course In Miracles”, “nothing happens by chance or circumstance”, you can see by this experience that life is beyond us and yet in us.

    Our limited thinking and understanding brings limited experience. Expand your right mind and turn it over to Holy Spirit and the truth of who you are begins to unfold.

    Your world is your perception of it. This world is not real but an illusion of your wrong mind. Forgive it for it never happened. Turn it over to Holy Spirit and set yourself free.

    Absolutely worth watching. Thank you.

    Tim G.

  90. Regarding the questions as to how to choose to be in your right brain, this is one of the main topics in Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth”. I think it is very much worth reading (or listening to the audio version)– it was for me. In the briefest of summaries, you enter the right brain through the moments of stillness, between your thoughts. The book explains it all very well. Namaste. Sat Nam. David

  91. Help I have tried to qwatch this vieo 6 times now and it continues to get stuck with a message loading video nothing happens and I have waited for up to 15 minutes for it to load
    I am on a Satellite internet…average speed is 750kp Any suggesstions?

  92. Help I have tried to qwatch this vieo 6 times now and it continues to get stuck with a message loading video nothing happens and I have waited for up to 15 minutes for it to load
    I am on a Satellite internet…average speed is 750kp Any suggesstions?

  93. Help I have tried to qwatch this vieo 6 times now and it continues to get stuck with a message loading video nothing happens and I have waited for up to 15 minutes for it to load
    I am on a Satellite internet…average speed is 750kp Any suggesstions?

  94. Thank you for your story…

    I believe, I am reaching this peaceful state as I practice YOGA. This practice paired with a book ‘ Intelligent Heart” by David McArthur…I see Heaven on Earth..now. Peace is my choice.

  95. Thank you for this wonderful gift. You do such a beautiful job!

    Interesting to think about the philosophical stances of what appears to be a predominantly left hemisphered Western world and a predominantly right hemisphered Eastern world? Does the natural world have to have “two opposites” ….a binary condition in the energetic field….is it our job to synthesis these opposites?

    Have you investigated how the type of experiences you had and some aspects of dyslexia…and other learning disablities…are related? a la Dr. Oliver Sacks
    I think many people have had segments of what you discribe and have pushed through it…such as not being able to access own name for 30 seconds…noise making skin feel like it is being pounded on….

  96. I am a Yoga Therapist working with marginalized & under-served populations – including stroke and Alzheimer’s & Dementia patients.
    I’ve developed a decidedly “Right Brain Approach” to sharing Yoga practice, which I call Creative Yoga Therapy that has been remarkably beneficial for a variety of brain-dis-ease patients in a variety of treatment contexts for over 16 years.
    The results with the patients, staff, anyone who have experienced this has remarkable if not
    outstanding and I have a vision for sharing this CYT approach (to all aspects of Yoga not just the physical practices) with many more Yoga teachers/therapists, other teachers, health workers, other kinds of caregivers, etc. so that a lot more people can benefit. In fact, this is my main purpose in life.
    Therefore, if you would please forward this email to Dr. Jill Taylor it would very, very much appreciated….
    Om Tat Sat (Thou Art That)
    Nina Priya David
    400 Central Park West
    NYC 10025
    917-293-7708 cell
    212-724-2800 service

  97. As a woman, mother, and teacher, Jill’s ephiphany makes me realize more than ever how far-reaching our actions are – there is NO LIMIT.

  98. Thank you kindly for your transparently authentic love and honesty. It was a beautiful and enjoyable experience to listen to your well chosen and delivered words describing your unique and valuable experience. Your complex and invisible incidence was delivered with rare and exquisite language and emotion. Thank you from my heart of hearts for an awakening happening within my own consciousness. I was and remain deeply touched and choose to live in the right and left with balance and joy. Thank you for giving me the words to understand my own being and responsibility better. lili shang P.S. You are a great teacher!

  99. This was an inspiring, brave, emotional, educational recount that I feel privileged to have watched. I give many thanks for this talk and it’s publishing and availability. Great job Jill, Great Job Ted’s Talks.

  100. wow. this video was amazing in every way. My sister, who is only 17, had a stroke in november, a week before my birthday. It has been extremely traumatic for our family, and now she is home and going through rehab. She’s learning to speak and use the right side of her body, but I’m not sure if she’s experienced an enlightening euphoric experience like this. I’ll show this video to her and see how she reacts, because she had a left-sided stroke also.

  101. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this! It is brilliant, amazing, deeply moving! I wept with tears of joy. I must share with my loved ones!

  102. I was very moved by your short video on the brain. As a busy person whose life has been drastically changed with MS, I’ve been forced to take another long hard look at my reality. My music has touched tens of thousands over the years and I am still trying to understands why it’s perceived as more than music. There is a connection being made that I’ve yet to fully understand. Religion is an over simplistic answer to an experience that is so much deeper. I would like to compare some incredible life changing perspectives occuring presently. There are things happening to my brain that three neurologists have all witnessed and none of them can explain.


  103. The speech Jill gives offers insight into the human brain. I did not realize how “separate” the left and right hemisphere of the brain are. I use my right brain much more than my left. Jill’s speech reminds me to use this in a positive way.

  104. How wonderful that this Brilliant Lady has come forward and told her story…I had the same experience in meditation over 25 years ago and still find it hard to describe in our three dimensional words to describe the Unlimitedness knowledge and energy that WE ARE…

    And that life is about CHOICES, we are made in God’s likeness…we create or destroy by our thought process and choices there of….Wow if only we could all take our personal responsibilty to heart and start to co-create utopia upon earth…

  105. Jill Bolte Talor – Thank You for speaking your experiance, there was a time in the past, when and where you might have been institutionalized for speaking the truth of your experiance (or maybe been “druged”), i have encountered a few individuals who have experianced a similar event, (not all through physical damage) i myself experianced a similar event, i did not find the articulate words to speak it – thank you for your ability – “if” i had the “choice”, i would (as you seemingly did) accept both hemispheres… seeing as they are both of the same origin, for me “choice” is not neccasary, the “key” is “balancing the two evenly, “Differenciation” does not neccesarily mean “Division” (excuse my typo mistakes – english is not my everyday language) – Thank You Jill, it is truly an experiance worth speaking, perhaps beneficial for what we call Mankind.. “Man” is yet to become.. as for kindness.. we are all ONE of the same kind, If, when and where, we all get to see the truth of that, i don’t know.. i say (type) All IS as INTENDED.

  106. Thanks you for sharing your story. My father had a stoke and heart attack 3 years ago. I truly believe as a born again christian GOD is the healer of all. My father was healed by the master physican. As you stated you felt out of body.. my father in his worst state. I qoute “the angles are with me, I am fine” less then 10 hours later he regained memory, intense testing over the next 24 hours left the hospital release with Dr’s orders and continued testing and found a small spot the size of a needle on his brain. We often ask why does this happen, the only answer I have is that it is part of your life’s song.
    May God continue to keep you strong and healthly. GIve thanks each day that you are able to teach and continue your research.

  107. Blessings to you and your fierce spirit to share your truth and to be YOU fully and proudly and beautifully. I am moved to the core and grateful for the deeper understanding of my humanity.

    May grace light you way,

  108. Such love and gratitude to you for sharing! What enlightenment and empowerment and peace and understanding so glad you had the fortitude and the courage to share. Wow a wonderful big hug to you! Thank you!

  109. This is a most eloquent, heart-felt expose I have ever witnessed from a scientist. The only other one was Baba Ram Dass (Dr Richard Alpert) describing how he felt on LSD when he spoke to a scientific audience about love.

    I have passages in Project Nirvana and The Transcendent Ape that describe this sort of experience. At the end of the Transcendent Ape I spoke of the need for brain scientists to feel the workings of their brain from inside when they do their experiments. How much better to use your right hemisphere to heal and repair the world.

    But for most people getting to that space (short of a very fortuitous stroke or an epileptic fit, or psychedelic plant ingestion — all temporary and fraught with dangers) is the greatest riddle of the universe…

  110. People throughout history have experienced the joy of this ‘oneness’. This truth appears in many cultures and in Buddhism has been very thoroughly explored and the results of those explorations documented over a period of centuries. I strongly urge those wishing to have a ‘right brain experience’ to look for a teacher. We could all try to teach ourselves the piano, but how much quicker to benefit from the previous experience of others who have gone before. If science did not do this we would have to rediscover the wheel with each new generation. Which teacher, which approach is entirely up to you. Trust your instincts in your choice.
    Jill, thank you so much – you have completely inspired me! Love to you and everyone else! Caroline xxx

  111. But for most people getting to that space (short of a very fortuitous stroke or an epileptic fit, or psychedelic plant ingestion — all temporary and fraught with dangers) is the greatest riddle of the universe…

    About the worst thing one can do is to go to some sort of a “teacher”…

    However, art, nature, music, meditation, any contemplation of beauty, animals, anything that shuts down the chatter of our minds can take us a step closer to at least a human approximation of Jill’s (or Buddhist) “nirvana”…

  112. Thankyou Dr. Taylor for sharing your experience and the knowledge that you gained from that experience. Now I know the physiology of the parts of the brain that deal with at onement and seperation from all that is. I never knew that. However I did know that it is the chatter(left side of the brain) that seperates us from the whole.

    I wonder Dr. Taylor, would you have believed someone if they had told you(right side brain) of the phenomena that you experienced before you experienced it. Or was it the experience that convinced you. Is knowledge insufficient without experience. What is the point of being God(left side brain) if we do not know that we are God(Right side brain).

    I wish you all the best in your quest to unite the two parts of your self and becoming the god that you are, we are.

    Peace, Trev.

  113. Dear lady. In Navajo language it is said that when a person is in her “Beauty” he is healthy \ balanced, carries the force of life at its fullest. I thank you so much for your message’ it mooved me so deeply’ thank you again and again. I practice whollistic medicine with an emphasis on Energy therapy. Seven years ago I started a research on Aids. I have – to my understanding – decyphered the phenomenon and defind a therapeutic way which can help a carrier separate from the service HIV give in the construction of the alarming sympthoms that are typical to Aids. I am a layman in science yet succided to understand all the needed bottom lines for understanding the known phisiological process in which the psyche translates to physical manifestation. I lack the link between for example “The self suppression of ones natural right to express her truth in the accurate timing” ( throat chakra ) and this dynamics physical manifestation ( problems with thyroid and parathyroid) which as far as I understand start in the manufacturing of the relevant peptides and neuro peptides. What happens in the brain before the peptides are manufactured per a certain psychological dynamics? Can we determine in physical terms the zone in which consciousness is translated into “Psyche Terms” and from here to the biocode that is commanding the creation of the peptides? Can you help me to understand it?

    Thank you in advance,
    Amnon Josting, Israel

  114. My stroke was approx. 3 weeks ago. I believe it is still in process as my up front memory continues to drop in content. My LOGIC side is still alive and well. It is VERY UNHAPPY at not being able to access DATA IT KNOWS is there!! This LOGICAL side is ME. The DATA BASE is just that, DATA FOR USE. I am 81 so have very little expectations of recovering the DATA BASE. But as it took JIL 7 yrs to RETURN, I now despair of such recovery. I am an ELECTRONIC ENGINEER and very methothable Bob

  115. Robert, I’m sorry to hear of your stroke. The good news is that you’re able to get on-line, read a blog, and compose a cogent response. I have every hope for your full recovery. I, too, am an electronics engineer (www.mil-media.com) and tend to spend far too much time in the logic sectors of the brain. Jill gives us hope for a greater balance of who we are all intended to be – balanced, connected, loving, compassionate, and free.

  116. Thank you Jill for this talk. I’m a filmmaker and I made a short film, 11:11, that requires assistance from the right brain to be parsed. The whole film plays backwards. Left handed people have no problem with understanding the film. Older folks and some men (and women) who are very left brained can’t make head or tails of it. I tell people they need to keep trying, to relax and let their right brain do the work… I made the film as a way for people to exercise their right hemispheres… It is a comedy tha’st eye candy as well as brain candy.

    What Jill is doing is phenomenal and inspiring. Thank you Ted Talks for bringing the world this extraordinary woman. And thank you Jill for your bravery… You’re words will stay with me forever…

  117. Hi. This was very interesting. My brother had a brain hemorrhage and died, and this helped me understand what he may have experienced. Additionally, it points to our interconnectedness that ACIM teaches, so I found it a great comfort as well as hope for humankind’s better understanding of us all.

  118. Thank you jill – I had a right stroke (CVA) which was a clot and I vividly recall the limitation of my consciousness to about arms length and how I had to concentrate to make sense of what I could see and feel. I wanted to know whose arm was in bed with me and had to check by feeling it’s length that it was indeed mine. I did not have a headache at all and knew within seconds that I was having a stroke.

    Thank you for your amazing and powerful presentation – I now understand why I was so matter of fact – I have been pursuing Nirvana ever since!

    Thank you again, jill for your wonderful gift

  119. WOW,
    that was an awesome story. It touched the core of my being. Life is a wonder to experience a journey worth traveling. I reach each day to be in purpose and to empty out what is given to me to help empower others by sharing the life force of the universe.
    I Am that I Am, connected to all – Utopia
    Thank you for the experience, I was touched, I’m grateful. Thank you Thank you Thank you,

  120. Beautiful to hear your experience…Thank you.
    I had “an experience of knowing that I am too big to be squeezed into this body.” I directly relate it to The Work of Byron Katie. I believe that asking the four questions is a way to access that consciousness. Love you all.

  121. Very helpful…hopeful…I’m speechless.
    I understand many things with the tears…Thank you for sharing this.

  122. Hi Jill. I too am a scientist (microbiologist) who suffered a CVA but in the right cerebellum following a dissection of the left carotid. intial signs were extreme pain in the left eye and side of face while travelling. A few days later (still travelling but on the way home) the first sign of the CVA was loss of proprioception and strong sense of impending major problem. I collapsed with nystagmus and vomiting, inability to stand, loss of use of right hand, slurring of speach and inability to find ordinary everyday words. However, the left side was still working fine and observing and attempting to interpret all the signs and symptoms. I’ve fully recovered although a couple of years later I had a right dissection but caught before I developed a CVA. I loved hearing about your experience and your final comments. Now, from being very much the left hemisphere guy I’ve retired although still maintaining academic links I concentrate much more on the right hemisphere people-centered approach to life. Truly a life changing experience.

  123. Dear Jill
    You are right in all your decription…even if I have not experienced a stroke, my mother did twice and the last was when she just sllipped into a coma and died, she was tired for the whole day and overjoyed as well, the day before my brother’s birthday celebration, Oct. 22, 1978.
    Indeed, this world of ours will be a better place to live in, and there would be more loving and lovable people, IF WE CHOOSE THE RIGHT portion of our brain, that is why it is RIGHT.
    God bless you with more opportunities to share your experience and you do inpire a lot of people, thank God I am one of them. Good health to you and SHALOM………………faith, from Las Piñas City, Greater Manila Area, Philippines

  124. Dear Jill,
    Thank you for this! Momentum is building for humans to understand our potential. I’m an Avatar Master too as I read above and we work toward the enlightenment of human civilization. I sent the link to your video to Oprah. She is right now conducting a course with Ekart Tolle about his book “The New Earth.” Your speech demonstrates in physical terms what he is trying to convey in words/concepts, though he speaks profoundly about the limitation of words. I hope she calls you and invites you on the show or gives your video play so your message can reach even more people. I’m glad you lived to tell the tale. THANK YOU! LOVE and PEACE!

  125. dear Jill,i am struglyng to find the words and realised that language is so poor,the feelings could not be described aproprietly. however, reading on all comments,you reach manny,and it is only the beginning,we are heading toward scientiphic discowerry of who we are, the technology that will help proove the egsistance of the soul.
    Go to:
    All is explined there
    Blessings Lidia

  126. Jill, thank you for this gift to us…this reminder. Your story resonated deep within me. Years ago I had the gift of an out of body experience during a meditation. Even with that amazing experience, I still get mired down with my identity concerns and the details of my life. Yet I know, absolutely, there is a powerful universal force and we are all connected to it and to all living beings. I am more than this body and these thoughts. Thank you for your beautiful reminder and for your courage to share this reality for us all that we can create a workable life together of peace. That is, why I chose to call my company, Creating At Will, afterall. Laurie

  127. Yes, very very powerful sharing about the
    most essential truth and vision to the modern
    human being.

    Very very appreciate….

    your sharing gives people a new possibility to

    live their life….

    This global is very very happy to be accompany to any happening of one’s transformation

    Much Love Celebrate and dance joyful for This !


  129. I am here welcome You with my memory !

    Nice to see you through this web-side…..

    I am you and you are me…..

    beloved oneness

    eternal blessing to your family and all people around you..

  130. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome insights. It only confirms my deep and abiding knowing that we are offered by our creator a CHOICE…always! In a world that is so out of balance is it any wonder?..we are addicted to be pretty much left brained. For that we are valued, praised, receive notoriety. But we have both heaven and earth hardwired into us. Just a breath away. an intention away. It is like having an untouched treasure within, more valuable than gold or worldly power and there it sits within , untouched. I am inspired into a regular meditation practice that I have too long neglected for there I can touch this precious and necessary gift for balance and wholeness. To be all that I was intended to be.

  131. Last September I took the Art of Living Advanced Course and in my third day of silence and meditation, His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar led me to that place where I merged with the infinite energy of the universe…it was absolutely blissful! It was Nirvana – it was what Jill has described. Then my left brain came on and asked, “Where are you? Why are you here? When will you be back?” and in a panic I jumped back into the conscious awareness that is confined to my physical body. I felt a flash of intense heat, then chills, then I almost vomited. Then something very unexpected…two hours later I found out my good friend and his 3 year old son had been hit by a drunk driver and both had made their transition. I got the sense that they were in that state of bliss, merged with the infinite universal life force, and that made the occurrence easier to accept – of course that understanding came only after I had collapsed into a sobbing mess of disbelief and grief. It seemed that my experience was a gift to comfort and comprehend the loss of Jon Jon and Jonah.

  132. First I like to say, what a beautiful and emotional REAL astatement about your experience. Thank you for sharing with the world! I remember (left part) long time ago, something happened to me what I couldn’t explain. But the experience was the same feeling as you talked about. I couldn’t talk, move and arrived in a peaceful state of being. That was happening during a talk with a friend of mine about 3 dimensional life. Suddenly I was hit on the top of my head, like a lightning. I could hear en see the reality. She was talking and talking to me, what she did for hours. And I was thinking ‘shut up’, let me being. Afterwords she explain me that she was affraid that I will go to another dimension. More happened that evening what I will not descripe here, it will be take to much of room of this comment. But want to share that there are more people who where there in a peaceful Narvada. And be aware or realise to accept who we are and what we can do to make this world a better place.
    (Sorry for my not that good English)

  133. How totally thrilling to have a brain consultant clearly explain what she experienced at the time of her stroke, I worry wonder and fear having a stroke and to know how it felt from the inside and also to see her recovery after 8 yrs is a beautiful gift to humanity.
    We need to choose every day the peace we want in our lives and Jill’s focus on that aspect encourages me to share my stuff in the future in order to help others. Thanks Jill so very much.





  135. God gives each person an individual experience for his or her own spiritual growth in order to progress in our spiritual life. This is why ever ones experience is unique to his or her life.

  136. It was very touching and full of emotions. How do you chose to use the right brain. You made it sound like it was an easy choice or we had the ability to choose. If so tell me how?


  138. I, like another comment made, wondered if Dr. Jill had continued her research and inquiry into brain chemistry issues such as bi-polar disease and schizophrenia (which my brother and my mother have). Having been with them through many episodes, I have an intuitive understanding of the tenuousness of right and left brain connection and I strive to use (AND CHOOSE) the best applications of my two-sided brain.
    I have often tried to explain to well-meaning folks that sometiimes anguished feeling of dissconnection I have witnessed with my brother and mom, but Jill did it brilliantly. Amazing.

  139. What energy is she obably speaking of? Kinetic? Potential? Chemical? Maybe she should have used that neuroscientist degree of hers and come up with a more distinct way to explain her experience. She is probably earnest about the event but a more detailed dissection would be convincing to the layman and skeptics alike. Otherwise it seems suspicious that, and I quote, “IT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO HEAR”.

  140. Absolutely beautiful and thought provoking. I am a recent survivor of aortic dissection and find that there is a greater blissfulness about my “being” that is more enhanced than before. I, too, hope that people can connect with that side of themselves more often. That side that chooses peace. Beautifully done…..thanks so much for the reminder!

  141. What an amazing journey this woman has traveled. As a CPA, Attorney, Writer, Artist and Composer, it is refreshing to now understand from a scientific perspective more clearly what is happening inside my brain as I work. Instinctively I knew I was escaping into that wonderful world of the right brain when I was at my painting easel or my piano – and I have learned to harness the benefits of both sides of my brain. But listening to Jill’s journey gave me greater appreciation of the value of being on the right side of my brain. Thank you.

  142. I was so blown away by what Jill had to say. In 1986 my mother was hospitalized with a heart attack (her third), and being the youngest out of the four children that she had, I decided to leave my job, and stay with her during her hospital visit. While there she suffered a mild stroke, and could not speak, or remember who her children were. I was blessed to have seen her brain during the MRI, and now I know what she was feeling and trying to say to me…THANK YOU!!
    God Bless

  143. Brick asks, “What energy is she speaking of? Kinetic? Potential? Chemical? Maybe she should have used that neuroscientist degree of hers and come up with a more distinct way to explain her experience.”

    Brick, I think the energy Jill describes is personal energy. She’s describing the realms of hope, peace, and charity. She’s describing the energy of loving one’s neighbor, and being kind to others.

    It’s the unifying moral energy Gandhi spoke of when he said “I reject any religious doctrine that does not appeal to reason and is in conflict with morality.”

    It’s the counterintuitive social energy Jesus presented when he said “love your enemies.”

    It’s neural energy that transcends endless attempts at rationalizations and simply embraces others as an extension of ourself. One fabric, split apart, expressing its desire for unity.

    And taking broad liberty with Christian metaphor, Jill is retelling two NT stories – 2Cor12 and Jn17.

  144. What an important message. Such clarity it is almost as if we should have known and understood this all along. Thank you!

  145. I thought the talk was funny and moving in turns — and truly wonderful. Did wonder what would have happened if the right side was where the “shut down” had occurred…

    And her description of the sensory overload in the ambulance between hospitals was, though I’m sure more extreme, very reminiscent of migraine. Light, sound, movement, all painful to endure.

    Wishing Jill good health for the rest of her life!

  146. thank you very much Jill !!! my left brain says I’m Brunio, Naturopath and my right brain says It’s always interesting to meet someone who has gone trough such an experience !! :o) In Danis Bois Method we feel, live and try to cure others with that expansion and contraction of the universe and our each presence in this eter or whatever ocean we are in when connected with whole. And yes it´s really beautiful and yes (like you said) IS REALLY LIFE WORTHLY to be in the NOW. I think you’d find it very interesting to research about this method. love, brunio

  147. Jill, you are indeed a powerhouse! You might be interested in connecting with a microbiologist in CA researching the high frequency water, supplements, and alkalizing in general. My breast tumor desintegrated with high frequency water and supplements. You have so much to offer and I really appreciate your story. I have come to believe and understand what you are talking about and BOTH sides of my brain are telling me to connect you with this research. Love and Light, Rosalina Hom @ http://www.innerlightinc.com/rosalinahom

  148. What a wonderful presentation directly from the Heart.Thankyou Jill, you have shared with us a very Pwerful personal Experience of something so Precious. I am always excited by such confirmation that I can help Create Peace in this World by my own Awareness & the Choices I make & the thoughts I think….Thoughts Create Things. It gives me great hope that our Scientists are now discovering confirmation of something I have long known to be true, that we are all created from energy that is Pure LOVE & that is all we need to know !

  149. Tena Koe (Hello) Jill
    Thank you for sharing your incredible journey and wisdom you have gained from this. Your sharing has inspired so many including me to choose this bliss full energy in present moment over my internal chatter.
    Arohanui (Big Love)
    Dairne Aotearoa New Zealand

  150. Thank you deeply for expressing so clearly what I know to be true for myself through my own every day experience. We are not special. We are equal and everyone can do this simply by deciding to and stepping into that space. Go forth and find your own way and live free.

    Namaste Beloved

  151. I am grateful for my good friend and spiritual advisor…for bringing this amazing video to my attention. I happen to be reading books that are illuminating my understanding of the right hemisphere of the brain and the connection of our energies, one to the other in the sea of human consciousness. The special touch of this video to my learning process is treasured. I am optimistic that the field of healing energy is growing throughout the world and that a commitment to peace and humankindness is not too far from here. Thank you very much.

  152. Great acting and stimulating message. There are, however, two problems, one in neuroanatomy and one in peace science. It is true that our two hemispheres have functional specialisations, but their extensive functional connections through the corpus callosum make it one organ. We are our brain, not our brains, and we cannot choose at will from two personalities. Therefore it is not enough, unfortunately, to concentrate on our right brain to bring peace in the world. Structural violence, which we invented only 8,000 years ago, is a political, not neuroanatomical project. It is enough to decrease and then stop the systematic training of children in violent behaviour and the generalised building of violent brains during their first 5-10 years of life. Thank you for a reflection about the causation of violence (www.pierogiorgi.org).

  153. I work as a nurse and help patients recover from strokes. This was beautiful insight to what the processes are which occur during this event and how one can recover above and beyond expectation

  154. Never have I, a non-stroke ‘victim'(?) understood more clearly how we are as human doings make our own reality. Suddenly A Course in Miracles becomes my new scripture. I was needing an inspiration and here it is; in all it’s shared glory; we are not alone.

  155. Dearest Jill, Thank you for sharing your story. I am very grateful and feel blessed, Tears and feelings of connecting with you as I have two sons who have brain disorders/blessings. Adam with Bipolar (he chose to end his life 10 years ago)and our son Luke diagnosed with schizophrenia and I have experienced anxiety, and from these experiences have come breakthroughs. My life has shown me also about the two hemispheres of the brain, by learning how to meditate and also by using tools to access the right side of my brain, through art and a Mindcolour chart that you choose with you left hand, you can touch bliss nirvana and receive divine guidance of our Oneness.
    Nameste Love always, Lorna Gerard



  158. Your description most definitely resonates with the days of LSD. For me, left alone and in nature during muvh of my childhood , the experience of tipping the balance towards the right brain was a natural retreat from loneliness and frightful realities of refugee parents. But during the one experience I had with a small dosage of LSD (procured from Hollywood Hospital where Aldous Huxley did his experimentation) I unleashed the ability to experience being in the “here and now” to the point that it connected me to my early childhood and also alllowed me easy acess for many years to limitless feelings of space (without any need for drugs or other substances). One memorable experience was when I felt the limits of my body – the walls, so to speak – remove themselves. I felt like I had entered a limitless space or a vast mind seeming to contain countless identities — perhaps of all my contemporaries – or something even more vast in terms of collective consciousness. I felt freed into this limitless space. My identity still existed but was without delineation or boundaries — the idea of “uncircumscribed” comes to mind (The poet John Milton defined God as “uncircumscribed goodness.” ) Your talk is a unique reminder of such a state, and an encouragement to us all that we can retreat into this peaceful weightless state, unburdened by our day to day realities, and return from it with a memory that can help carry us beyond states of hopelessness and despair.

    Physicists speak of a 4th dimension. Perception is very much a part of how science sees. Nothing is actually solid to support any one theorem. Theorems depend on belief and agreement as much as “proof.”
    No need to feel awed and amazed as this is our everyday reality if we can just start trusting our actual experience more than societal norms and rules. Seeing with both sides equally balanced to form a unified perception is another aspect to explore. I excelled as a child and in school in both maths and the arts and am still a right and left brained thinker. I have had conversations and shared visions with persons as diverse as Carlos Casteneda ,Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan and many many artists.
    I really don’t see the division, although mechanically there is one with the brain. I see great freedom to explore various ways of balancing the properties of both sides. But I agree that sometimes we need to know that we can retreat from the boundaries and recognize the possibilties this has for life beyond this time and space.

  159. it was just beautiful , while she was describing what she went through i was actually feeling what it was really wwas !! beautiful really beautiful indeed !

  160. Dr. Talyor, I, too have brother with schizophrenia. I been told by collective consciousness (through a channeler) that heis dissasocitative state is of nesessity in order for him to continue to maintain his extremly high vibrational energy, which exists for the purpose of helping to balance the negative energy on the planet. This is indeed a beautiful explanation, it mroe than anything. and as a sister watching my mother suffer so, I want to believe it. BUt as a doctor it makes no sense. Until recently I would have thought that this explanation is more delusional than he, but now I am not so Sure. I, too am a scientist, but I am not sure we have been looking for the anwers in the right places. I would really be grateful to know if you have uncovered any new truths, or data with respect to your borthers (earthly) mental condition, that might lead me to more information on understanding this condition. Please let me know.

  161. Great presentation style. Congratulations. But there are two problems, one in neuroanatomy and one in peace projects. It is true that our brain has lateral specialisations, but only in terms of dominance, while the oneness of our personality and brain functions is assured by a very rich set of reciprocal callosal connections between the two hemispheres. Therefore, we are our brain, not our brains, and we cannot select one of the two hemisphere to express attitudes, personality and behaviours. Establishing peace in ourselves and in our community is essentially a political problem, as we must stop channelling systematically small children toward violence, as we have done during the last 7-8,000 years (but not during the previous 90,000 years of our existence on the earth). It is not as simple as concentrating on our right hemisphere, unfortunately, and it will take about two generations of a slow, nonviolent, legal revolution. See http://www.pierogiorgi.org

  162. Jill,
    I am wondering ; were you as physically and powerfully expressive before the stroke? I, myself, often see surprise, shock, discomfort AND laughter on people’s faces when I am overly expressive. I don’t do it on purpose. I had encephalitis at 5 years old, in a coma for a week I think. Hmmmmm. I make my living as an artist.
    How you could possibly answer all these messages is beyond my left brain. I admire you.

  163. I drowned and died at the age of seven and then again exactly one year later I had another out of body near death experience due to a serious illness. I know and understand at the core essence of my being what Jill has so accurately spoken of. I have been able to shift my consciousness at will, since 1958. A few years back I realized that this simple process could be taught to others and I founded Cosmic Energy Connections and now teach others this simple but very powerful gift of shifting your consciousness. Thank you Jill for sharing such a profoundly important part of your journey with us all. It is exciting confirmation from a scientist that has me jumping for joy…………..at last! Everything is so simple, if you can move out or your own way and allow it to be.

  164. WOW!!!
    I wish everyone alive could watch this video in their own language.
    What a world we could and DO live in!
    THANK YOU for sharing your experience Jill.
    I will pass this on.

  165. Jill… Thank you for sharing your passion with us. Much Love to you. A couple of questions. Have any practical suggestions come out of this experience that you can also share with us? I mean, what are your thoughts around helping people experience this with out having a stroke or near death experience? Where are you today with your ability to switch back and forth? My wife and I teach Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yogaas a path to quieting the ego/linear mind and experiencing our expansive ecstatic self. I am very interested in learning any practical advice you can share with us. Thank you once again… NAMASTE RAFA

  166. Thrilled to have this inspiring presentation forwarded by a friend — two questions: 1. are you coming to UK? Please let me know if you are or if we could host you for a few days July 18th to 20th at Headless Way conference; 2. I’m giving a Science and Religion adult educ. course for Swansea Univ. in Sept. Could I show a copy of your presentation to my students?
    With best wishes and thank you,

  167. What Jill experienced was not what Buddhist term Nirvana, but instead it is called Kensho or Samadhi.

    I too have experienced this while staring at the moon in a field at night.. the environment was conductive to silence the left brain and let the right take over it seems. But it was a blissful experience even though I felt my ego dissipate. I felt like i was part of the whole universe. The moon was a large rock being attracted to this larger rock by gravity. Everything just made sense. And it was peace. I was insignificant in the big beautiful grand scheme of things.

    Thank you Jill for sharing this with us. You are a remarkable person!

  168. Jill: Thank you for your candid and insighful account of your stroke. I too experienced a similar episode on June 8th 2004. I woke up after nearly one month in coma speaking Spanish, thinking I was hispanic and the son of my now current wife who is from El Salvador. Her mom would come to the hospital every day and speak to me in Spanish…and I apparently absorbed enough to speak fairly fluently when I woke up. Many more interesting aspects to my stroke, but I would like to reiterate your comments regarding the total feeling of comfort and “at oneness” with all living beings. As Einstein one noted, “A Human Being is a part of the whole that we call the Universe; a part limited in time and in space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical illusion of his conscious. This illision is a prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires, and affection for only the few people nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of campassion to tmbrace all living beings and all of Nature.” (Albert Einstein) Genius is the ability to see the relationship between seemingly unrelated events and ideas.!!!! Thank you Jill, for sharing your compassion and genious with all of us… Ted R. Staren, Esq. Wishing you all the best!!!

  169. a former student sent me this video – i did not know what to expect – after the opening, i found myself partially focused on my son who was diagnosed with szech, multiple personality disorder, depression, and bi-polar….after the speech, my thoughts again centered on my son john and i remembered what he said to me once – (in tears) ‘I DON’T KNOW WHY I DO WHAT I DO’….he must have been in such pain – i wish i could help him better….

  170. Ted – that’s a wonderful Einstein quote. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    John B – your comment mirrors so many i’ve read here. i hope and pray that jill’s talk propels more of us to understand and reach out to those with brain-related illness, and find ways towards healing, compassion, and ultimate unity.

  171. thank you so much! i am in a fight with a few of my friends ( i am only 12 ) and this helped me and my mom to see that its not about being right, it about being kind. you never know when you will pass on like you almost did and this opened my eyes. I also have and autistic friend and he most likely uses the right side of his brain more often. he is very kind and he is this sweetest person you will probably ever meet. thank you again jill. this was amazing and almost had me to tears. thannkkk youuu!!!!!!!!

  172. i want to go to nirvana!!!! you made this speech very interesting! was that a REAL human brain? ewww well at least you were wearing gloves! thanks again jill this was a pleasure. i hope to someday become a brain scientist someday. what does it take?

  173. Namasté Jill,

    This was so touching, beautiful and strong and soooo good that you are a scientist yourself!
    Thank you so much for bringing this to the world, it is truly a gift to humanity and it could open doors, gates, pathways in connecting science with spirituality! This is what everybody is looking for, the state of One-ness, the Devine state. Indeed, what we realy ARE!

    In Love, Light and Gratitude

  174. Everything happens for a divine reason whether we are aware of it or not. The impression I get from Jill which I feel is shared by many is that existence, life, is Universal and Unitary in essence and the Divine Architect made Jill the effective channel to deliver this message.
    Thanks for reaching out, Jill.

  175. Dear Jill,

    I’m certain you hear this all the time but I would love to talk with you.

    I am the second oldest living neuroblastoma survivor in the USA. At age 5 (46 years ago) I underwent my third surgery for metastatic cancer. This surgery encompassed a radical neck dissection and extended behind my left ear into the base of my scull. It also involved the C-3 and C-4 vertibrae in my spine.

    I have very few childhood memories and most of those involved hospitals stays. Yet I have one memory emblazed in my mind as if it was yesterday. My account from the day that followed that surgery has never waivered. I refer to it as my out of body experience. When in actuality I was “coded” twice that day.

    I suppose if I had been a religous adult I might have felt the correlation from countless other articles I’ve read that relate simililar experiences to a religious experience. I did not…

    My memory is from the eye of a 5 year old child.. Very much the observer. My experience was more like a child tired of hospitals and constant pain who had discovered a game where I could escape the tremendous effort involved of staying in my body… to the secret hiding place of no pain and escape. I waived in and out. I was moving in and out almost at will. I was choosing the hiding place with ease. The game was so fun. I didn’t have to be in the hospital anymore. I could leave if I wanted to.Then the observer self saw my Mother shaking me, trying to hold me, crying… Her voice was the WAA-WAA you described, the docters and nurses were a blur pulling her away from me. I realized that my Mother was calling out to me. That my game in some way had her upset and was scaring her. I CHOSE to return to my body and end the game of hide/seek/ watch/ and escape.

    About 1/3 of the way through your presentation I was heaving. My jaw fell to the floor and for the first time in my life I knew for a fact that yes someone else had also played “the game” I played that day. Your story moved me to tears that yes.. someone else knows the secret we all hold. I am a kindred spirit with you.

    I have known my whole life that I viewed the world very differently from others. I come across so right brained. So fun, outgoing, smiling, life is a party, yet deep inside I knew that I had seen and been a part of something so AMAZINGLY enlightening. I know that I am so very strong inside of my head. I realized that loving someone, even the love that is like the love between a Mother and a Child (the true “simple as soap” kind of love) can be all you need draw out strength you never knew you had. You can
    cut out and remove all the cancers in my body but the amazing thing that saved me that day is what lies between my ears. Motivated by the tears of my Mother.

    you may call me anytime [phone number forwarded to Jill]

  176. I would love to have this video and story on my website. This message of peace needs to be spread as fast as possible, the knowing of who we are, where our power comes from and that we have a choice every single moment in time to make a difference to ourselves and our world. I would be honored to share your message to all who visit my website. Please contact me at http://www.livingincourageonline.com. I would love to connect and share the message that we are The Life Force Power of the Universe. Our message is stronger when we unite.

    Thank you for sharing this incredible journey of yours with the world.

    Debra Oakland

  177. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story and for continuing to try and affect a world so hopelessly in turmoil. Much of what you communicate is similar to that presented by a number of eastern spiritual traditions, especially those expounding the dualistic nature of existence, but it has been presented in a way that is more accessible to westerners.

    I trust you will have an impact in this world. Thank you again.

    Much love,
    Eddie B

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  180. We are what we do and One with all.
    Jill have a Onderfull day thank You,
    You just made my day speciall.
    Love Thomas

  181. Niki. Yes, it is choice to go to the right hemisphere of the brain.
    Everyone who has experienced this feels very powerfully and surely
    that this experience foretells the destiny of humankind. But there
    are very definite prerequisites to “choosing”.

    In their enthusiasm for spreading this idea, those who have
    discovered what Jill (rightly) calls “Nirvana” tell others that
    everyone can “go there”. However, the great majority of people who
    find these wonderful stories captivating, are frustrated in their
    “search” for Nirvana (Enlightenment, Awakening, Satori, Samadhi…).

    The entrance seems to require silence – stone silence, and an absolute
    surrender. As we approach this, the “ego” resident in the left side,
    that “me” who has been in charge for years says, “Hold on there. This
    is too risky. You could die.” This is the turning back point for most.

    Find an awakened teacher of present day enlightenment to guide you if
    your intuitive stirring does not quiet down.

    There are some among the members here at TED.

    Jeff Belyea

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  184. i am a 33 year old male creative executive…and i cried at the end of this video. something deep down inside of me spoke up…and said “yes, this is truth”. thank you jill for sharing your self with us.

  185. Words are not enought to thank you for what you have given to the Planet.
    My all being laught/cry of joy. Thank you for reminding us. Love

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  187. I’m praying for you all. I pray that the Truth will set you free. What this woman says sounds nice to the ears, but it is empty. She speaks rightly that our brains are a magnificent work of art. But she forgot to mention that there must be an artist. God is that artist. The state of ‘nirvana’ she describes is what that true and perfect God designed, and we–humanity–immediately fouled. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Sin leads to death. God gave the gift of eternal life, through Jesus Christ His Son. All you must do is accept the free gift of salvation and be saved from deserved eternal separation from God. I’m praying for the captives. God save them. Delete this post if you want, ignore it if you like. But the Word of God will not return void.

  188. Here is a link to what could be the most important two minute test of your entire life:

    If somehow my friend’s post ends up getting deleted, I’m going to post it again right here.

    He wrote, “I’m praying for you all. I pray that the Truth will set you free. What this woman says sounds nice to the ears, but it is empty. She speaks rightly that our brains are a magnificent work of art. But she forgot to mention that there must be an artist. God is that artist. The state of ‘nirvana’ she describes is what that true and perfect God designed, and we–humanity–immediately fouled. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Sin leads to death. God gave the gift of eternal life, through Jesus Christ His Son. All you must do is accept the free gift of salvation and be saved from deserved eternal separation from God. I’m praying for the captives. God save them. Delete this post if you want, ignore it if you like. But the Word of God will not return void.”

  189. Jill –
    Everyone else can debate what you said or meant all they like, but the simple fact that is so clearly evident is that you uniquely presented your story in a way that shone out from your Inner Core, and your Visage was so sweet and guileless, so open, that the Truth of it could not be denied. I can’t listen to you without being impressed by your eagerness, your knowledge and your lesson to us. Anyone picking this presentation apart shows they are not yet ready to understand.
    Blessings to you, Jill, be light…..Sooz

    (Posters 239 and 240, God loves us all and is pleased that we strive to help others. Check out Karen Armstrong’s TED talk for a most enlightening commentary on religion and compassion.)

  190. About two years ago while meditating, I fell into a deep hypnogogic trance and what happened to me in that trance was so similar to some of what Jill describes that it is astounding to me. I saw a translucent almost white flower of infinite depth and breadth, the petals overlapping, looking almost like lotus petals and almost like circles and behind each of these petals I could see the next and the next into infinity. I don’t know how I could see all this–I just did. It was the most remarkable vision I have ever had, but then it was followed by something even more remarkable. The flower exploded into the most beautiful white light that filled my dark room and as I came to in my dark little room I could see light shining through my eyelids, though my rational mind–had it been overruling this experience, would have told me that this was impossible. and my arms were raised up without my awareness that they had been raised as if someone were handing me a bowl of wisdom and i was receiving it.

    Just like Jill I saw the energy that surrounded me! And just like Jill I felt the most amazing peace and joy. And when I opened my eyes I felt this great pull to lie down and as I lay there I had this awareness of the infinite space between seconds and an infinite self that was me and everything. I lost all feeling of my little “self” and instead there was this profound feeling of expansiveness, as if I was that lotus I had seen and that each of those petals was everyone and everyone was this lotus as well. There were no boundaries at all. I lay there for the longest time unable quite to comprehend it all–deeply moved.

    I have been aware of certain clairvoyant abilities in myself since my early twenties, but they were involuntary and out of my control. About two weeks after this event my abilities were amped up to another level to where I can close my eyes and see things clairvoyantly by choice. And amazingly these abilities came at an auspicious time, I was sick and didn’t know it and they enabled me to see my precancerous condition and get that confirmed with a doctor and also to cure a chronic condition that no one had been able to alleviate. I want to use this gift for the betterment of humankind, to help other sick people become well. Someday, that is my hope. But I would also like to help others learn of their own gifts and to foster a climate where we can speak of these gifts openly. There is nothing wrong with science–indeed I grew up in a household of nonreligious scientifically minded people, but we should stop discarding our right brains in favor of our left, for when we do that we rob ourselves of our life-saving and life-enhancing deep intuitions.

    Some have asked here how you can turn your attention to your right brain, that is how does one achieve states such as that which Jill and I and others have experienced. For me what helps is to close my eyes and meditate. Even just ten minutes helps. Don’t worry about clearing your mind. Too many people get caught up in dogma about how this should be done. That’s all left brain commanding the right brain how to do what it knows best to do.

    What works for me and maybe this may work for others is this: with my eyes closed and in my mind’s eye I shift my attention to a comfortable place about two to three inches in front of my left eye. The left eye of course is controlled by the right brain, so in a “sense” this visualization is like putting a stone on a teeter totter where the left brain already has more than its share. For me it shifts some of the emphasis back to the right brain and helps me to become more open to intuitive insight, more creative and feel more compassionate and less judgmental. It’s very subtle, so give it time to work–especially if you are given to constant analysis, judging, planning, conjecturing and all those things that the left brain is so adept at doing.

  191. Carol –

    My experience also came while in meditation.
    I now teach a seminar called Living@WOW! http://www.livingatwow.com
    It seems that all who have received this gracious gift
    feel a choiceless obligation to share it.

    A beautiful report.



    PS: For years I wondered how I could have experienced
    what is typically reported by those who have had
    Near-Death experiences. One day I listened to a tape
    about how some yogis can meditate so deeply that they
    go into a breathless state. It seems that the absolutely
    quiet mind (no internal chatter)opens the door.

  192. A co-worker of mine emailed me this link knowing that we have a son who currently has autism. However my co-worker was not aware that my Father had just suffered a massive stroke in the left part of his brain with bleeding, swelling, and the swelling was moving toward the right side. He was given some tests and and was considered “legally brain dead” So they told us he was already dead? I can’t help but to think was there anything we could have done? Doctors told us that if we have surgury to relieve the swelling and remove the clots that he would just be a “vegtable.”
    But he left this planet before we could make that decision… This just happend last week. I am still emotionally challenged daily. Thanks for sharing your story. I wish I would have seen it earlier! I will try to focus on the right brain for our son – Thank You!

  193. 244 George – A powerful story. Good thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

    239 and 240 – I understand what you’re saying. We so easily forget the Giver of all gifts and focus on the gift itself.

    I visited the link you presented (http://www.livingwaters.com/good/) but wonder if this isn’t a misreading of the J/X scriptures? “Getting to heaven” seems just as focused on personal experience as any other. In this priority, I think Western Xn “evangelicalism” presents a sadly imbalanced perspective of the person and work of Jesus, the cross, and the “Kingdom.”

  194. Thank-you for sharing your awakening experience, I felt my heart and spirit uplifted with you as you spoke, I will forever remember your story. You are an amazing light worker and I thank-you…..Love and Light….NAMASTE* Colls*

  195. Thank you for sharing this very valuable experience with humanity. There is no such thing as co-incidence in my belief system and through your experience with disease you have begun teaching in your way, a spiritual truth, that we are all one. I have to agree with you that this world is among other things about energy as you stated. And people are more likely to believe you because of your education and position…..in my opinion.

    I would like to share with you my group meditation experience where the leader channelled spirit. Yes,that is what I said. And spirit taught us in the group. I hope you will not take this extension of your talk as a personal criticism. I wish to share with you as you did.

    Spirit taught me that the brain runs the machinery only.

    Mind is part of spirit. With each incarnation if there is health then through parenting etc the mind is encouraged to grow and our consciousness to expand. (And yes there can be damaged connections between the brain and the mind and the body.) With health though we use the physical senses as you stated. (But we have spiritual senses as well, a counterpart to the physical senses.) And some of mine are active. You managed to leave your body, or your consciousness did in part. I can’t do that except when I sleep.

    I have to admit I accept there is a Source of energy or God or whatever you may call it.

    The question asked at the group was about consciousness. This is the reply.


    Taking into account what we were taught, that the brain just runs the machinery, if this is true, then the mind is not the brain.

    I can only explain that there was a mal function between body, and mind with you.

    Maybe your experience is like youngsters who take drugs to-day and an opening is created into the next world….a door way forced open rather drastically.

    But I had to share with you in the light of your experience and my understanding, that the brain only runs the machinery. (If this spirit is correct) Mind is part of spirit. Mind is also on all levels of consciousness within the energy centres of the body.

    Thanks heaps for sharing.

    Ann Parnell.

  196. Dear Jill,
    I thank you cordially for being so strong and open-minded by sharing your experience. It is certainly a great step for a today’s scholar to come out with such experiences. Tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I felt thoroughly gripped – and understood! – when I listened to your thrilling story of life. Since many details of your report reminded me of my own experience of similar type.

    Some six months ago a benign, but large and expanding brain tumor was removed from the my left brain hemisphere. During the summer holidays 2007 in great Rome the tumor triggered natural (and supernatural 😉 features very similar to your preoperational description when a inflammation and a oedema added to the swelling squeezing vital parts of my left hemisphere. Main findings: Extensive loss of my language skills (native German as well as acquired English), decrease of my mental, mainly cognitive capacities (i.e. comprehension, grammar, speed of speech) by at least 50-60%, but to my greatest astonishment my emotional and physical abilities remained completely untouched. But these medical data are not the most interesting and relevant sides of my story.

    Just as you describe, the inner experience was not all *only* negative and life-threatening. It was simultaneously liberating, wonderful, easing – and pointing at the second truth in our lives: the (right brain) hemisphere delivering streams of pictures; the visual realization of human beings as light bearers; emotions of deepest, transcendental love; prompt understanding of the positive impact of sacral musical sounds; experiencing heartless, cold words, thoughts, behaviour as sensual injuries and more. While the break of the intellectual supremacy (the weeks before and after the operation) and stripped from any boundary, the little catholic chaple within the hospital site was my refuge, shelter, energy booster. Especially during the services I was crying unstoppably – not only released by the very human feelings of fear, but also thoroughly overwhelmed by the bare beauty of the singing nuns, the wisdom of ceremony, the solemn atmosphere of this ritual. Remarkable experiences for someone who declares himself a Catholic not at all, but rather a scientifically scrutinizing Yoga adept.

    Dear Jill, Thank you very much once again for outstanding courage. I am very willing to share very most of your standpoints. But finally I am also definitely convinced that the brain got the biological abilities as you spefified – and that is simultaneously functions as a potentially gigantic monitor displaying more fundamental insights than the biologically generated consciousness.

    With warmest regards from Frankfurt downtown (Germany),

  197. This has to be the most intelligent talk I have ever heard, the humility of such an extraordinary experience and knowledge clearly shows. Bravo!

  198. That was the most uplifting and articulate presentation I have ever sat through. To have insight to her mind and body while suffering from a stroke is amazing. But, to come out of it and share the inner peace is truly a gift. I can identify having had an outer body experience, but not as fully as she. I am truly amazed at the information that can be spread by hearing this woman speak. I just wish everyone in the world had access to what she has to say. She has the ability to facilitate change. She is a true messenger!

  199. Dear 250…Jill is expressing herself and telling her story. Your post says more about you than her. “I see things not as they are, but as I am.”

  200. Jill, thank you for sharing this. Your words painted an incredible canvas with this experience. In the ’90s I experienced something similar through consistant meditation and it too opened my consciousness to an expansive place to go. By viewing this film, it rekindled a flame and reminded me of the inner star (or spirit) I have journeyed too to remember how awesome we really are. I am an artist with a very active right brain. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  202. I can relate!!! When I made contact with GOD, 1st. 60yrs old and again at 61yrs old, I made contact with an engry sourse and a year studing the Bible didn’d help…

    Our true self is percivied as: unconditional love…

  203. Hello. I had a very similar experience. I was electrucuted when I was very young. My family has always told me, my brain works differently since then. After my mother died, I was on the verge of suicide. She was my best friend. I always asked her “how are you doing”? The not knowing is what terrified me. One night, she came to me. she said” Brigid , I am not only going to tell you how I am doing…I am going to let you feel how I am doing. At that moment she grabbed my wrist. I became pure energy. I could her crackling, and the most amazing light I had ever seen. The feeling was pure love. I have never felt anything like it. The sensation is very hard to explain. It is almost not a human feeling. Pure love, pure Nirvana. That is the closest way that I can describe it. To this day, I do not know if it was the afterlife I experienced, or my brain helping me to get well. All I know is I woke up the next day back to my old self. Do not get me wrong, I still grieve for my mother, but the depression and lethargic personality is gone. Whatever it was….it saved my life.

  204. Just a correction from my previous blog….I could hear elecrical crackling, not my mother crackling. If anybody ever experienced anything like this…Or knows anything about this, please comment . Thank You!

  205. Thank you, thank you. It is so awesome and inspirational to hear your story. I am a true believer in our positive thoughts affecting our physical well being, our time of recovery, our lives as we know it. Thank you for teaching us all that we have a choice in our lives as to what to do with set backs, illness and stress in our lives.


  206. I was so moved that I was brought to tears; tears of connection and tears of joy for finally someone has expressed what we are all trying to attain, complete connection with All That Is.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Please keep this available for everyone to see.

    God Bless,

    Rev. Susan Jean Henley

  207. WHat an absolute load of rubbish, i dont believe a word of it.

    She was reciting what she imagined and what she wanted it to be, not what actually happened.

    Fundamentally she is preaching to the brain dead sheeple at the TED talk that conformity is for the best..do not question their peers, be a good little scientist and blend in.

  208. Gal, I’m not clear on your intent. What part don’t you believe? I think it’s clear that Jill has a brother suffering with bipolar, that this prompted her entry into neuroscience research, that Jill had a stroke which required many years of recovery, and that during the stroke she experience an alternative consciousness which she observed through the understanding of a neuroscientist.

    What part of this is rubbish? What do you think “actually happened?”


  209. I loved this presentation! I have something I would like to share with Jill if you could put us in touch. I am a volunteer Healing Touch practitioner and a professional singer. In the past 2 years I have produced 2 CDs for the Vancouver Chamber Choir – a world-class professional choir – around healing.

    I was asked to present these projects at the National Arts Centre Foundation Roundtable on Mental Health and the Arts(in Ottawa,Canada) as the prime example of how Arts groups can combine fine music and a holistic approach to living in order to serve their community. The first project is called ‘Finding the Still Point – Music for Healing’ and was designed specifically for alternative therapy sessions or palliative care, to help a person in crisis access that elusive inner calm. It has been an overwhelming success.

    The second project, just newly released, is called ‘Unexpected Gifts – Music for Healing II’. It is completely different, a combination of gentle folk songs and dialogue, focusing on families who are going through the serious illness or loss of a child. I wrote the dialogue after watching families going through this terrible experience shut down. It has become a resource to help families, especially the parents, re-connect.

    What Jill describes about that energy flow and stillness and peace, is exactly what we go for in a Healing Touch session – to remind the body what it is to be still and in a place of trust. The Still Point recording has an incredible effect on people who are in trouble. There is a spirit and a flow that touches the soul.

    I would love to send Jill a copy of this CD if you could put us in touch. It would also be interesting for her to look at the Music for Healing webpage to get a better feel for what we are doing. http://www.vancouverchamberchoir.com then the ‘Outreach’ header then the ‘Music for Healing’ page.

    Thank you for the opportunity to reply – and for having her speak with such clarity on your show.


  210. How wonderful and brave to hear Jill describe the powerful information processing centre of the right hemisphere. I have quietened the left and accessed the right since I was a child and have been censured and isolated because of it. It is only recently that I have understood that it is the thing that allows me to see clearly and draw and paint. It is so exciting to hear Jill describe my experiences so eloquently – it is a recognition and acknowledgement. The very diversity of the responses to the talk shows how necessary the right brain is to our well being. Thank you.

    I teach people how to draw through accessing the right hemisphere and quietening the left and the results are ASTOUNDING! What I thought I was doing was sharing my skills in drawing, what comes out of it is a fundamental, lifelong expansion of the students’ ability to see and relate to the world, problem solve, relate to other people – and draw.

  211. This was one of the most profound descriptions of our beingness and the opportunity and choice we have to make life beautiful and in concert with our source: love and light. Thank you for sharing this. Jill is an amazing, brave light. nancy

  212. I just showed my mother this video, as she is recovering from a stroke that she had two months ago. My siblings and I were overwhelmed by this presentation — it was truly fascinating. Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in this incredible journey.

  213. Wow! What an exceptional lady! I will use this inspiring talk in my teaching. Many people on this site and on the http://www.TED.com site have responded giving their ways of experiencing the move to the right side of the brain. They mention going on holiday, meditating or taking herbs and drugs to experience the shift. I am an artist and art teacher and part of my passion is teaching people to feel that shift. Teaching them to move away from the thinking, labelling world of the left brain into the seeing world of the right. You can do this even if you only have 10 minutes in a hectic left brained work day. Learning and playing music will give you this shift as well. Find an inspiring teacher and Just do it!

  214. Like so many others I burst into tears at the end of the video. Partly it was because her story and the way that she told it was so profoundly moving. But on an even deeper level I think that my tears were tears of relief. For a long time now there has been a very deep split in our western culture between the left brain and the right brain, between logic and feeling, intuitive knowing and scientific evidence.

    That split has come with an implicit hierarchy. The world of hard reality, facts, logic and objective knowledge is seen to be more valuable than the world of soul, spirit, emotion and intuition. The world of internal experience has been marginalized and trivialized, treated as if it were a second class citizen and often not even considered to be real. So here was a mainstream scientist giving a talk to a roomful of left brain intellectual types, and she was speaking my language! And the people in the audience were responding in an overwhelmingly positive way.

    I am also an art teacher, and I offer classes in something called Intuitive Process Painting that supports this shift from left brain thinking into right brain perception because the focus is on the creative process not the creative product. I am also using this video with my students to help inspire them to let go of the judging mind enough to let the creative flow just happen. And maybe get a little taste of Nirvana to boot!

  215. The video was extremely interesting, but I wonder why Dr. Taylor is so sure that what she has experienced is an awareness and state of consciousness that goes beyond our physical existence and not just simply the right side of the brain’s perception of what “is.” Couldn’t it be that our right side is prone to delusion and even euphoria when not counterbalanced by the left side? Couldn’t it be that the sensations and feelings are so powerful that they fool us into believing that they’re more than just fantasy?
    I watched Eckhart Tolle’s webclasses, and after learning of the right side of the brain’s capacities I can’t help but think that his experiences are all brain-related and do not necessarily have anything to do with a “connection” to a source outside of the body.
    Bottom line: Could it be that we are just our brain?
    I’d like some feedback. I’m a skeptic by nature but I can’t say I really enjoy it.

  216. Hi Liana,

    That is the big question, isn’t it? Recent quantum experiments show that two particles can be connected, even though they are separated by across the universe.


    A common theme in metaphysical literature is the experience of being outside one’s frame of reference, a consciousness that is physically detached from the body.

    Those going through a near-death experience have reported similar experiences, as have the mystics from many spiritual traditions.

    Of course, none of this proves anything scientifically (nor can science adequately address fundamental ethics, morals, happiness, kindness, compassion, etc..), but it’s all fascinating none the less, and gives us a little extra incentive to be mindful of realities greater than our thoughts and physical forms.


  217. In response to Liana, above, “Could it be that we are just our brain?”. Does it really matter? Does it matter how each of us experiences this similar effetc? Some people find a creative process, some of us have a religious/spiritual experience, some of us have a ‘near death’ or halucinatory experience. Isn’t the point, that we feel better, well, peaceful, rested from our stressful left brain thoughts, beautiful etc. when we are in this state of mind?

  218. Jill,

    What a gift for you to have both the generous humanity within you and a scientific understanding too.

    Thank you for sharing your incredible poetry and science and fully integrated human experience.

    I know my tears have hormones that heal me. Thank you for helping in my human spirit healing.

  219. Thank You Jill for explaining the processes so clearly. It is fortunate for all of us you had the fortitude to recognize what was going on, and the presence of mind to apply your skill in understanding the events step by step. Your words opened my eyes and confirmed what had been a question in my mind for many years about my own temporary death back in 1980. I was struck broad side while going through an intersection by a drunk driver, which left me dead for approximately 10 minutes. During the course of that time I had never been without presence of mind and the beauty of it all was well explained as you eloquently put it the vastness of being, the enormous presents of self, and the long pause the refreshed the spirit of who I was.

    The left side of my head looked like nothing human. It must have seemed like forever for the two teenage students who were vigorously trying to save me through my new disfigurement, never once giving up until they had succeeded.
    I had finally become completely outwardly conscience. At first I had did not know where I was, then everything became clear.
    I was filled with energy so much so that with my rescuers out side trying to open the car door in desperation. Saying don’t move please don’t move I came to realize I was trapped in the Car. With my Left forearm swung as far to my right as possible I had slammed the door panel while one of the teens was pulling on the door and handle. The Car Door flew open in what felt like an immense surge of energy. It still seemed as though I was 9 ft tall with enormous power, I stepped quickly out of the car and headed for the other driver, all the while I was being block by one of the teens that kept telling me and pleading with me to sit down. I told him I was fine. I did not know my condition. As I had started toward the truck the teen blurted out that the other driver didn’t make it, there was nothing I could do. So I stopped my quest to help him. I later had learned the other driver had survived. That teen must have thought I would not have had I continued.
    In a moment I felt ill and started to fall. There was a blank helpless felling of no bodily control, it passed as suddenly as it had came.
    Just as I’d made it to the curb, Fire and Rescue had shown up as they approached, one of the teens began to fill him in as to the events. This was now 12 minutes after the accident. The paramedic came over and began to assess my condition and as I was telling him I felt a little nauseated although I felt I was still quite OK. However as he was taking my vitals I had once again lost my heart beat and pulse although I could still see and hear everything I could not speak. I thought I was speaking, but my lips weren’t moving. As he placed the crash unit into motion, I kept saying stop I’m fine stop. It was though he could not hear me at all then it happened I came right back in mid sentence telling again to stop, I’d said “can’t you hear me I’m right in front of you”.
    He looked very surprised! He asked me if I knew what had just happened? I said yes that he needed a hearing aid (I was somewhat of a smart-ass at the time). He smiled and grimaced all at once then He with another paramedic placed me in an ambulance.
    I crashed again I went through nearly the same event this time I told him not only what he was saying but what he was doing while I was gone. He outwardly said, “you are completely Freaking Me Out”. The going blank thing happened 2 more times.
    It seemed that between my head injury and my Bruised Heart, I was dying over and over never loosing a moment. My brain function made it painless, almost euphoric. Everything was easy after that I suddenly became a math whiz. I was in tune with everyone around me, and very enlightened to their plights. At the beginning I may have even told them about their dilemmas whether or not they wanted to know. Not so mature was I with my new enlightened state if being. The other plain of existence is now duality in my life and will remain so until I completely cross over. My wounds have long since healed just a few small scars as a reminder and a blessed understanding.


  220. I’ve been recommending a book by Jill Bolte Taylor called “My Stroke of Insight” to everyone I know. It’s an amazing story, both uplifting and powerful on three levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual, but the spiritual aspect alone makes this the best book I’ve read all year.

    How often do you get to hear a neuroscientist describe having a stroke, nearly dying and finding Nirvana, and then making a miraculous recovery so that she’s back to teaching medical students!?!

    I came away with a renewed sense of understanding, wonder and hopefulness about the capabilities of the human brain. I give “My Stroke of Insight” highest marks!

    You can get the book for just $16.47 with free shipping from Amazon!

  221. I was blown away. Her experience was so vividly recalled and expressed and so very spiritual!

    But I as some others have mentioned found it very much like what I have read and experienced on psychedelic drugs in the 60’s, which is why some used them. Almost identical effects – except for the paralysis of her arm and loss of speech ability. Even other types of drugs such as opiates create some of the feelings she had – slowing down – being totally within and not caring about time or any worries whatsoever. That is what makes recreational drug use such a powerful draw – you can forget all your cares and woes!

    Anyone interested in brain abnormalities should read “The man who mistook his hat for his wife” – written in layman’s terms and fascinating.

    Also, for more on left/right brain see:





  222. Choosing the right side of our brain is what (I believe) Jesus meant when He said ” The Kingdom of God is at hand.” And, “You look but you do not see, you listen but you do not hear” I had a similar experience in 1973 and since then have never been afraid to die.

  223. I hate to be a party pooper, but I see that there are many links to this video in the search engines, including one that leads to a sight for “light workers”, which is a warning. I’m always wary about what catches on in the media quickly and easily.

    The truth just doesn’t doesn’t spread that far that fast.

    The message in the video, which I hinted at in my response below, is that this is an experience that scientists can bring about if you let them manipulate the brain.

    This experience, while very real, should come about incidentally as a result of devoting one’s life to the highest levels of morality, justice and performing gentle religious practices. It is an epiphenomenon of a noble life, not an experience to be sought after ’cause it’s a cool trip.

    Dr. Jill may be a shill for Transhumanism. She did say she works at Harvard. Did she not?

    Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel

  224. Our culture is saturated with people desiring instant experience and gratification. Drugs can induce a similar state of being, which is probably why they’re so widely abused.

    But a lasting “spiritual” way of being comes about organically over time and practice. It invades every cell of our being and becomes who we are.

    Anyone can have an experience like Jill’s via external or physical stimuli. But it’s not the transient “experience” that changes our core being. It is a lifetime of focus and practice on being the change we wish to see in the world.

    Thanks for the post.

  225. The New York Times Sunday Newspaper on May 25 had a great two page article on Jill Bolte Taylor and her book, “MY STROKE OF INSIGHT”. Her book is a must read and this NY Times article – called “A Superhighway to bliss” is worth checking out too.

  226. I read “My Stroke of Insight” in one sitting – I couldn’t put it down. I laughed. I cried. It was a fantastic book (I heard it’s a NYTimes Bestseller and I can see why!), but I also think it will be the start of a new, transformative Movement! No one wants to have a stroke as Jill Bolte Taylor did, but her experience can teach us all how to live better lives. Her TED.com speech was one of the most incredibly moving, stimulating, wonderful videos I’ve ever seen. Her Oprah Soul Series interviews were fascinating. They should make a movie of her life so everyone sees it. This is the Real Deal and gives me hope for humanity.

  227. Hi… An amazing experience with the language of a scientist.
    By reading this article I can find articulation for my own experiences, however without stroke, meditation,or anything extraneous; only keen concentration. It is these moments of fluidity, or Nirvana, that I seem to gain so much energy to battle my disabling fatigue, so to say, clear my mind. I have also some scientific training so do straddle between the two.. but one does not need anything else, no yoga, mantra, meditation, whatever.
    just believe your own brain…

  228. I can definitely verify the experience of la la land to be exactly as she describes it. Personally I have never been able to put it into effective communication as Jill does, and my route was different. For those with the courage and stability, there is tremendous insight to be gained through overwhelming your brain with “externally-sourced neurotransmitters” in the form of plant entheogens. That’s as much as I care to specify on this forum, since this is not the most highly respected route to nirvana. Either we do experience this every night in the deepest calm of our sleep, beyond the threshold of recall, or perhaps most us will have to wait until the completion of our natural life cycle to be at one with the universe. The truth is, uncommon mental transformation is taboo in our society, it scares us, and the state that Jill describes though profoundly beautiful and sacred,generally fits into the category of insanity. And we can all benefit from going out of our minds (left-brain?) once in a while. It’s very liberating to read the posts here and I am inspired to cultivate this type of state through focus and as Michal says believing in my own brain, with no externalities.

  229. I was at first deeply moved by her story and was anticipating learning something of the way the brain works but I was quickly disappointed when she went on about our being connected as one and then started talking more about a “religious” experience rather than a scientific one. It left me tear-less but sad at the measures people will take to make this life have some meaning. Some of the responses came from those who claim to know the bible but yet mention this video as a great tool to understanding life. I am sorry this video has no more value to your life then it had for our understanding of her brothers mental disorder. I do agree that we are more than we think, and that our being created was for a greater purpose than we know. I also agree that our mind has been greatly untapped. I think that the untapped portion of our minds is there to point us to our creator did He consult anyone when he gave us a brain? Why do we marvel at this world and its great wonders and not marvel at the creator and His greatness?

  230. There goes 18 minutes of my life I will never get back. I kept waiting for the payoff
    that never came. A woman hallucinating in the middle of a stroke is hardly inspirational,
    interesting or insightful. Maybe my left brain should lighten up but, until then, I see
    no value in people wallowing in their personal delusions and calling them transcendent.
    That kind of wild-eyed, aggrandized, self-deception is the proper domain of organized religion
    and the poor saps who think this woman has something of value to say. These are the same
    people who, 30 some years ago, would have read Jonathan Livingston Seagull and then sigh
    wistfully at the end.

  231. Bobo: have you read any of the literature on near-death experiences? EKR? Do you think these people have “nothing of value to say?”

    To the contrary, I think the study of NDE’s is something of great value. Such work may even help us overcome reliance on “organized religion” by amassing a body of correlated data, rather than a reliance on superstition and folk-lore.

    Were Jill’s perceptions “wild-eyed hallucinations” and “self-deceptive delusions?” When compared with other NDEs, and when compared with the experiences of spiritual practitioners over millennia, I wouldn’t rush to judgment here. I would also ask.. how can you be so sure of your assessment here? What scientific evidence can you present to refute so many collective experiences?

    Waving one’s hands and calling a historic and contemporary body of evidence a “collective hallucination” is unhelpful, and far less convincing than the evidence at hand.

    Poor saps, indeed.

  232. Dear Bobo & co,
    You of course have an inviolate right to your view of the world including Jill Bolte Taylors TED presentation, but I did find your language and vitriol surprising and mildly offensive. But its not a right brain world yet!….
    I’d like to share what I took from the talk. First, some background info to set the scene so to speak. I am a woman who for many years has combined esoteric study and practice, with demanding work in the careing field and tried to manage swinging moods and feelings of guilt which was eventually diagnosed as Bi Polar spectrum disorder five years ago. I don’t need cocaine I can just think myself high or meditate and blow my brain. I deal with the diagnosis through a combination of things, low dose state of the art meds, positive self management, healthy lifestyle, no drugs, alchohol, visual meditation, late nights etc. and 8 hours in bed even if I can’t sleep. You might call it boreing and no life but it keeps me well and sane in this crazy neo con world. So what’s insane? For me it’s not being able to decide if the beautiful moths caught in the golden light of a street lamp in the middle of the night are just passing by or burning up and being destroyed, all that beauty gone and I weep uncontrolably for them; unable to solve the riddle. It is lieing in bed and experiencing a creative firework display of thoughts, ideas, poems, projects and dubious revelations exploding though my mind and having no control over them in any way. And yet part of me is watching and thinking what the f… is going on. Or the days when I am haunted by a voice that I know is mine and yet it won’t shut up and I cannot stop it’s verbal abuse as it tells me again and again that I am crap, nothing will ever change etc., it so painful and suicide appears the perfect and only pain relief. I was vaguely aware of the different functions of the the brain but Jill’s presentation bought it all wonderfully alive for me and I can relate it to my own experience, preferred copeing mechanisms and non visual meditation practice which is a right brain activity!!! For that alone I am so so thankful to both Jill and TED but if you watch the presentation again there is so much more; including love and hope.
    Whatever, I hope my comment adds to your perceptual understanding. Go well.

  233. To John L: Yes, I have read a good deal of the literature. More importantly, I understand it. If truth was merely a function of volume publication then fundamentalist christians would have the market cornered. But I digress. There is nothing in my comments (yet) to suggest that I am dismissing a whole body of study. I was talking about this one person and the fact that you cannot take her observations seriously as scientific. The woman was having a stroke. Do you think that might have had something to do with her delusions? I did not say her experience was not real. I am sure it was very real – to her. And, to that, from the perspective of useful insight I say ‘So what’. She seems like a nice lady and I am sorry she had a stroke but her experience doesn’t tell me anything I can use.

    You asked me for scientific evidence to refute NDEs. I did not know I was attacking NDEs. Thanks for the elucidation. But, since you ask, let me return the favor. What scientific evidence do you have? The onus is on you to prove it; not on me to disprove it. Anecdotal evidence is not science. It doesn’t work for NDEs nor does it work for religion, UFOs or ghosts. I am not saying that the people who report these things do not believe what they report. As far as I care, they can believe it all they want. It just doesn’t make it real in a sense that has value for the rest of us.

    BTW, ‘EKR’, as you call her, long ago diminished her credibility and acceptance in mainstream psychology. Her work, while pioneering, was necessarily primitive and trite. It was a good first step but that is about all.

    And to Helen: You seem to have much pain in your life. I have no desire to add to it. If you got something out of Ms Taylor’s talk then good for you. You need it. I am willing to leave it at that.

  234. Bobo,

    You make some good points, some of which I cannot refute. I have no “scientific evidence” for transcendence and spirituality – just a vast collective body of shared experiences spanning all cultures throughout millennia, along with personal experience which parallels this collective body.

    As for the “value” of Jill’s experience, I think anything that bonds us closer together as human beings is important.. any shared experience that engenders a sense of essential human unity in the face of overwhelming religious, political, and ethnic pressures to emphasize our differences. If Jill’s talk didn’t inspire you towards such unity, I trust you have other motivations that do.

    Jill’s experience parallels the reports of Christian mystics, Buddhist practitioners, and myriad others who have given themselves to a life of understanding the internal / external connections. I greatly respect those who have combined a life of “internal practice” with a strong scientific bias – attempting to bridge internal / moral / consciousness-based realities with external / materialist / academically-based realities.

    Rather than seeing academics and spirituality as mutually exclusive, I tend to see them as part of one grand continuum. Jill, I think, has done a great job at giving us a scientist’s glimpse into what many of us find to be shared spiritual realities.

  235. John: This will be my last posting on the subject. Before I leave, I want to commend you on the maturity and, dare one say, ‘transcendence’ of your response. You did not sink to name-calling or other juvenile behavior which so often taints these kinds of discussions in other blogs. I think I understand your position a little better now. I can see that you did not get there merely by blind faith. You express yourself very well – better than I do, I am sorry to say.

    But before we get all teary-eyed and exchange BFF bracelets, that doesn’t mean I agree with you. I will always be too skeptical to accept that “‘anything’ that bonds us closer together” is valuable. It sounds too much like John Lennon’s song ‘Whatever gets you through the night’. He’s wrong. It’s not alright.

    There is no cosmic law that states that truth has to be pleasant, comforting, redemptive or anything else we hope it to be. It doesn’t make for a better world or for a worse world. Truth doesn’t have an agenda. It just is what it is. Speaking only for myself – and who else could I speak for – I have no idea what truth is and I doubt anyone else does either. It’s odd that we all act as if we did.

    Anyway, that’s it for me. I’m starting to ramble. Good luck with your search. Nice typing to you.

  236. Passing on your profound video added confirmation to my heart felt message that I could not put into simple words for others to understand. Sharing rainbows in the light, you are an angel on earth. Thank you!

  237. Affirming, “We are all one” really one mind, says everything. Now to choose and to live from that place of choice. My sense is we have no time to loose. 2012 is approaching and we are told we are being drawn to the center of the cosmos where consciousness explodes. What will we choose?

  238. Dear Jill,

    Just at the moment that my selfish ego takes over me, my husband provided me with your opening soul story. I am the mother of a 4 year old that has not been able to talk, crawl, creep or walk. Many times I wonder what went wrong in her brain that she can not join us in this plane fully? or maybe I am the one that is not able to join her fully in her plane. Please write to me and give me more insights of what else I can do to help her and the same time help myself.

    Peace in all of us

  239. In light of the countless forwards I receive on a daily basis from my conservative father and others on the far right, I have grown increasingly skeptical of “must see” videos. Needless to say, I was cynical that this video, again passed on to me by someone who had previously identified himself as a conservative, would be further propaganda detailing how some awful group of people was keeping him and I (upper middle class white folks) from driving the BMWs that we so rightfully deserved. Thank God I was wrong. This video is a breath a fresh air at a time when I am finding it increasing hard to breathe (either from sheer anger or the fact that our environment has gone to hell). Both insightful and inspiring, I hope that it finds its way onto computer screens across America. I will be sure to do my part to ensure that it does. Thank you.

  240. I totally get what this woman is saying. I am fortunate to have discovered this right brain peace and love that is possible-this nirvana, but my teacher is my daughter mostly. She is gifted in many ways-but has a severe ‘learning disability’ SHe sees the world very differently and is mostly in her right brain.
    She suffered a stroke at birth and wasnt expected to live. She had severe brain swelling and was expected to just be a vegetable if she lived.
    Although my daughter has not much concept of linear time and space – her senses (all of them) are so well developed that she tastes, smells, sees things and hears things that most cannot. She senses things others are feeling-and has great empathy. She is also very creative. SOmeday-the world will recognize this kind of intelligence more than IQ.
    Love , Peace and jOy

  241. 2 years ago I went through a similar experience. I am not a great speaker like Jill, but very similar events took place. I had a very rare event…an infection (an abscess) in my right brain the size of a golf ball. It affected my speech center and numbers. At first by the MRI they thought I had a tumor but after opening me up the put a drain in and a month and a half of penicillen. For some reason that they don’t know, my speech center is on the right and not the left. Maybe because I play music? But my brain not normal for some unknown reason. At first they thought I had a stroke. It didn’t affect me physically, but I couldn’t spell, talk, deal with numbers etc. After practice and more practice I can talk, spell (not great), and play my guitar.
    It left me with a great appreciation of my friends, family, wife, and I see people, faces, as so beautiful, and the snow, rain, and nature…I used to read about the brain….Oliver Sachs especially. So when it was happening to me from the inside….wow! 40 years ago I lived in Palo Alto in a small cabin…my next door neighbor was Dick Alpert and he gave me
    LSD when I was about 20. Some of the experience had some things in common.

  242. I’m sure I can’t add to the many comments about how powerful and personal empowering this presentation is. “It’s all good”. That’s my reaction as someone whose professional life (clinical psychology) is all about brain function, experience (“here and now” and past), and behavior. From “brain chatter to the external world”, she is spot on in conveying the excitement and complexity of what our brains send our way (as human experience). Beautiful video – I’d not known of this series before – and this is something I will recommend to teachers and students. Once she began talking about “left brain – right brain” in terms of the “here and now” right and the “details about the details” past and present left, I was captured – entertained like listening to Alice’s Restaurant, and informed from personal experience and real science – I know why this is so popular! Great stuff.

  243. 15 or so years ago, a circle of friends and myself used to take LSD and the experiences Jill describes in her talk have such a resonance with my own whilst under the influence of the drug. I certainly don’t advocate use because on one particular occasion, the experience was close to overwhelming – the ego-construct was grimly hanging on whilst my senses had gone into overdrive. I was able to see that all matter was made up of pure energy and if I looked at something with more than a glance, then this solid would quickly dissolve into “energy”. This was quite fun until I looked into a mirror… The remains of my ego felt that it was in danger of passing a point of no-return and seemed to put me into a cycle of fear.

    Jill’s recounting of her difficulty in reading numbers rings very true as does the self-examination of her limbs. They just simply don’t feel a part of what “you” becomes a short while after ingestation. As a result of these experiences, I now feel driven to find the “meaning” of it all – even though my rational ego knows that perhaps this is a fruitless task. Through years of reading bother materialist and dualist positions, I’ve come to the conclusion that a universal consciousness
    must exist.

    Whilst materialist positions seem quite strong at times, I can never fully reconcile that conscious experience and the experiences I have had are purely and solely the result of chemical interactions. The interactions may modify conscious experience but I believe that Jill’s experience is evidence, if not proof, that parts of the physical brain act as filter for this universal consciousness. LSD has the ability to open up this filter but not in the same manner as a stroke. The conflict between the hemispheres is slightly more intense, I’d say. Hence the possibility of a “bad trip”.

    Why must a universal consciousness exist then? Is there any proof? Well, I think possibly there is. Often staunch materialist neuroscients will cite brain damaged patients as showing no signs of external conscious decision making or people with slight impairments having poorer motor / cognitive skills as a “proof” that the brain must create all consciousness. Some debunkers of that view like to give examples of faulty television sets in their rebuttals but I think the existence of autistic savants in this world is almost “proof” enough for me. Where do their remarkable abilities come from and at what cost? From what I have read, the savant’s brain is slightly abnormal but how could that result in amazing feats of mental arithmetic where answers appear from nowhere? An enlarged area of the brain which deals with sums seems far too weird. I could go on but this is digressing from the point I wanted to make originally. That was to say that Jill’s talk was inspirational, almost brought a tear of sheer empathy to the eye and should be seen by everyone in the entire world. It was so refreshing to see a scientist not be afraid to delve into realms of the “mystical” and not be afraid of the stigma that her peer group may attach to her.

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  245. To bring some balance to the matter, it must be said we need to have a balance of BOTH sides of our brain – so deftly created to operate as a whole. True spirituality (& true spiritual experience) is to do with the complete and balanced whole of these two ‘realms’. Love is not truly love or truly whole unless it involves both receiving AND giving. The same way, the ‘Nirvana’ experience is like the receiving of love – it is beautiful, exquisite, wonderfully good and right, yet only half of the whole. One also needs to BE loving, and this involves the other half (of our brain/experience/the matter). I’m sure you wouldn’t advocate ‘sidal’ labotomy as a means to enlightenment!
    Yours is an incredible testimony to the further experiencial reality behind the veil of our daily perception. Yes, let us look faithfully towards that potential, but also work faithfully towards it by the mutual conduct (learning/training) of both the halves of our brain endowed to us – for the purpose of being whole and true. The glorious nature of oneness with God is realised fully from the vantage of an individual identity to adore/love from.
    This is the message (in part) of Jesus about love.

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  248. What a wonderful lesson.

    With meditation, one day I experienced the wonderful enormity of my energy as it expanded to the size of a city block. So, I can relate to her recollection of that feeling. Quite humbling to see the potential and then return to the finite.

    I now teach a message similar to what this wonderful woman now shares with us. Heaven on Earth IS possible. It is only up to us to choose it. Consciously.

    There is a place for all things in this lifetime — both left and right hemispheres included. Conscious thought from both the left and the right helps to create the totality of our being. Learning to choose wisely which thoughts to follow allows us to create our experiences instead of simply react to those that are created for us.

    We all have the incredible power to choose. Will we use it wisely? Jill Taylor’s final questioning begs for our attention (and intention)… will we??

    Dr. G.

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  250. Great empirical research….not.

    I feel most people are too quick to accept something as complicated as the brain into something spiritual and even god-like. We gain from this a subjective personal experience that provides no real evidence of what was actually occurring in Jill’s brain. Sure, this talk is moving in the fact that she had been inspired to connect more to the collective “other” of the world around her, but I feel as though this has already been expressed plenty of times before Jill’s presentation. The idea of connecting to one another as a means of creating peace is nothing new. Without actual findings or research presented by Jill we are left with nothing but an emotional story.

  251. bEAUTIFUL, THANK YOU FOR SHARING, fof the past three years after a spontaneous kundalini awakening, I too have experienced this RT, Lt brain imbalance awareness in my everyday life, I thought I was crazy, but thanks to your experience and many other books i<ve been reading I feeel like I can be understood now, I just need to find the right help. My awareness is that I am so much in my Lt. hemisphere that I literally can,t walk funtionally well do to the imbalance. I too, realized that I needed to get more into the Rt. side of my brainI can feel either hemisphere shut dowm in response to things happening. I,ve had to slowww way down and stopp the doing as well, I still have constant pain in my head,but I am more hopeful to its going away, Bless You!

  252. A very educational and motivational speech. What Dr. Taylor doesn’t explain is the techniques used to develop your right brain. I would like to learn more about the skills needed to develop the individual parts of the brain. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful experience.

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  257. Maybe autistics aren’t in their own little world…but part of a larger world most of us refuse to see. I think this could be helpful in understanding…and a move a way from the “less than human” many scientists, especially Simon Baron Cohen attach to their existence. Makes me sad…

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